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Update 4/9/12: After receiving the note from Bob\'s below I forwarded my information to them. I received the same *** response from this contact as well that merchandise is sold \"as is\" from the pit.

So for future customers: THE PIT = JUNK! This is where Bob\'s tries to pass off sub-par merchandise as \"marked or scratched\" so unsuspecting customers are taken for hundreds of dollars and left with the equivalent of a pile of dog *** to show for it.

Original review posted by user Apr 06, 2012

I purchased a NEW mattress from the "pit" that a customer had decided not to take. After only FIVE MONTHS of sleeping on this expensive mattress, the "pillowtop" is so mishapen I end up waking up every couple of hours. There is no returning the mattress because of their warranty policies so my best hope is to warn people not to buy beds there - unless of course you want to waste your money, sleep poorly, and end up out 1/3 of a month's salary.

Of course calls to customer service led nowhere...their prices lure people in, but I can imagine there are few return customers...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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My grandmother bought 2 mattresses from 1-800-Mattress back in the 1970's. My cousins all wound up with bedbugs.

They used to scavenger mattresses from the street that people were discarding and bring them to warehouse and recover them. When our grandparents died in 1997, we found a group of Latinos with a truck doing the same thing in front of our grandparents house. We followed them to a warehouse in downtown Brooklyn near 4th ave and about 17th street.

Seems the practice continues. Spend a few extra hundred dollars and buy a sealed mattress from a Department store.

Bob Cares

I'd like to look into this matter further. If you'd contact me at I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.

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