Worcester, Massachusetts

I guess I am more shocked/concerned than anything. My wife and I recently went to Bob's to use a credit in the system we had gotten for a sofa in which our son had vomited heavily on during a bout with the flu.

Ironically a few month prior he had also damaged the sofa by writing his name on the back panel of the sofa. We didn't notice the writing until the delivery men carried the sofa out of the house. I would assume this sofa was going to be destroyed and never seen again. Boy was i wrong!!!!

As we shopped for new furniture in the Bob's store in Worcester, we decided to go into the PIT (Clearance) to look around. Our sales person advised us against this as he she said it was often very poor quality furniture. I believe what she meant to say was "used" furniture. The sofa that had been in out home for 4 years was in the Pit.

It still had the Vomit stains and my sons name on the back panel. I was shocked. Is this even legal by health code?

I am appreciative I received a credit per the goof program but I will never shop at Bobs again as they obviously have very poor business ethics. I was then told by my sales person that this has become quite common..

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As a current warehouse employee in one of our Pit stores; I can say this is sad but true. We get STO trucks each week and the the large majority are Goof returns from customer homes.

They just tell us to spray it with sterifab and vacuum up any cat or dog hair. sometimes customers and employees find former customers personal property in the items sold from the pit.


Thats funny you mention that even though the crapy sectional they sold me is falling apart they told me that they would'nt let me exchange it due to the fact it had some stains on it. I looked at him the tech and said we have five kids what do you expect..

they sold us garbage they probably only wanted to swap it out if they had a chance to resell it..

i thought that they already did that especially the *** that they sell customers.. goof proof my *** they clean only that one stain that is called about what a waste of$$$$

Bob Cares

It is not policy to place used furniture in our clearance/pit areas. For various reasons sometimes furniture scheduled for delivery is refused or simply not delivered.

It is possible that the item was mistaken for a refused delivery and sent to a clearance center. Would you please contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com so that we may track the piece?...Thanks, Eric

@Bob Cares

I don't no why they say the furniture is that you and you can see stains dog hair cat hair late all kinds of stuff on the furniture EK for somebody's home you can even see where they said i staying's dog hair cat here late will cause the stuff on the furniture EK for somebody's home you can even see where they sat