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bob's delivery service is horrible. had to take 3 days off from work, they still can't get it right, from damaged goods, to parts missing, to nasty, lazy, and rude delivery men who pretend they don't or can't speak english properly.

now i am up for a fourth delivery. if i don't get my stuff this time around and they damage anymore of my property i will take them to court and file a complaint with the bbb and consumer affairs. bob's should have their business license pulled! i wish i would have read the reviews before i bought from them.

they are horrible.!

don't buy from bob's. they are nice while helping you make your purchase, but once they have your money and it's time for delivery that's when the problems begin.

Review about: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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I hate Bob's Furniture!!!! I bought a living room set and dining set and they were supposed to call me the day before the delivery..I NEVER got a call for them & when I tracked my delivery online it stated they would be at my house between 10A and 1P.

They came at 830A & I had taken my son to school so I missed them and when I called to reschedule a VERY rude customer service person told me I had to wait for a whole week before I could get my furniture!! I waited for a whole week and they didnt show up on scheduled day. When I called they stated that they did not have my schedule on file!!!

:upset I'm livid & I dont have any furniture in my home as I sold my old furniture!! I HATE Bobs Furniture & I will NEVER shop there EVER!!!


well here we are. i gave bob's a total of 5 tries, each time they *** things up.

well i had enough. the last time they came the bed rails were cracked and the sofa had a huge rip in the back. so i refused both items. got on the phone with customer service and cancelled part of my order.

i made the come pick up the bedroom furniture and the love seat too. i want matching furniture. they had the nerve to try and give me a store credit as if i would want anymore furniture from them. they wasted 5 of my days, no way in *** i am going to give them anymore...

so they refunded me for those items. still waiting for the rest of my refund. i took pictures of the stuff before it left my house and of the delivery men taking it out and loading it onto the truck, now wonder the stuff comes damaged.. they are careless.......

in short don't buy from bob's, they are nice at the showroom, but when it comes time for delivery look the *** out.... the furniture comes damaged, the delivery men are lazy/ rude, and needed parts to your order are missing for weeks @ a time. oh and getting customer service take 20 minutes of horrible music and then you have to deal with rude reps, not all are rude, but quite a few were.....

and the screwed up thing is the furniture is not bad, but delivery service is a huge issue.... :( :(


:( , update. still don't have my bed rails and queen sleeper sofa.

next step small claims court. i want my delivery fees back and compensation for all the time i took off from work.

what a waste of time. i hate bob's.

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