Fairfield, Connecticut

From the delivery service to the furniture bobs sucks. I have no problem with the costumer service.

The delivery people were rude. One was even threatening to my husband. We order a whole house of furniture. We furnished 4 bedrooms, living room and dining room.

First let's start with the diningroom table. After 3 or 4 trips I forget how many they finally gave a table that wasn't all scratched up. Mind you I had to sit in the house all day for every delivery. My headboard.

That took three trips I believe. First one they used long screws and came through the wood. Second it was all scuffed up and third it was fixed. Also after my one dresser took over a month to come in the bottom of it was all screwed up which they had to come and repair which I had to sit in my house another day.

My daughter's bedroom set is such *** that she had a drink on it. Which she shouldn't of had and the "cardboard" bubble up. Not Bobs fault but obviously *** furniture. Waste of 500 bucks.

Now onto the livingroom. We got 3 pieces. So we spent almost 2 grand for this livingroom set. The first delivery guys were really nice.

They delivered the big couch but my floor was scratched after they left but I let it go. Now 2 or 3 weeks later the other two pieces come. Well those delivery people were nasty. They forgot the legs.

Had to go back for the legs. While they were gone I noticed a big slice in the bottom of the couch. Obviously they sliced it when they unpackaged it. They proceeded to argue with us that someone will come repair it.

Screw that I spent 7 grand at Bobs. I want a new couch not a repaired couch. Guy got all pissy with my husband. So they had my husband call Bobs to tell them we wanted NEW furniture.

Who would have thought we would want furniture in good condition. So he talks to bobs and mentions how they had to come back with the legs. The delivery guys says to my husband Why would you tell them we forgot the legs in a threatening voice. I was like woooOoO.

So they took the chaise and the love seat back. So once again we are waiting for our couches. Get them and they are finally in good condition. Now 6 months later the cushions look like ***.

One became unstitched already. Under one a metal thing popped through, bobs just came and repaired these two things, and now lets talk about the *** chaise lounge. Wish I could include pictures to show what *** the build on this thing is. They only included springs on the top half.

On the bottom have is just cloth I guess. There is no support. Nothing. I was told well you aren't suppose to sit on that part.

WTF how am I suppose to get on the *** chair then? I have to jump over the arm so I don't touch the foot rest part? Great so now with my hip replacement I have to jump over the arm and hope that the arm doesn't break? I really could go on and on about this *** I have in my house but it is almost dinner time lol.

I will never buy from Bob's again. The quality is garbage.

Kind sucks that I know these couches are going to only last a year or two. We should have spent a little more money and went somewhere else

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

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Wonder if Bobcares ever actually fixed anything.

Bob Cares

We certainly don't want you to be disatisfied. I'd be happy to help out here. Please email me at BobCares@MyBobs.com and we'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.