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We purchased the extended warranty thinking it would protect us if the furniture was sub-par. It didn't.

The furniture broke in the second year of the 5 year warranty and we went to Bob's to make sure we contacted the right people for repair. The provided a number and after waiting for 2 weeks, the guy that showed up told us we called the wrong people. He said we actually had to contact a company based in Minnesota (we are in NY), fill out a form, wait until the company contacted us and hope they decided to send someone out. Unfortunately we are now down a piece of furniture for the holidays.

Bob's also contacted us form an automated line asking if we were satisfied. We were told that we would be contacted within 24-48 hours by a live person after we awarded them a 1 out of 5.

Six days later, no call, and no responses to e-mails either. Save your money and shop elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Loveseat.

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My last post I listed Feb 7 as the next delivery date. Guess what, they want to deliver 1 piece of a 2 piece sectional.

I told them thats unacceptable so they scheduled a new delivery for March.

Thats it !!!

Order will be cancelled. Folks spare yourselves my experience and just buy your furniture at a more reputable store.


My kid just informed me she called some media outlets in regards to the way we've been treated. Bob, you will probably be hearing from them soon enough.


DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER EVER BUYING ANYTHING AT BOB'S. I had a little down time at the job today so I decided to give Bob's a call.

Good thing I called. My new delivery date is Feb 7. These people outright LIE to it's customers with NO remorse. They never had stock on an item on display in their showroom and they never intended to deliver the goods on Jan 25 ( 3rd delivery attempt ).

They will compensate you just to buy time for more LIES. Bob, it's time for you to retire out of the retail market.


I called Bob's Friday the 20th to confirm delivery and was told furniture would be delivered by 8:15am on the 21st. On Saturday the 21st I decided to call Bob's @ 11:15am, 3 hours after delivery should have arrived and was told the furniture was discovered damaged while loading the truck.

Got a new delivery date of Wednesday the 25th. I guess the discovered damaged furniture was Bob's last piece of stock for this model. This is the third attempt for Bob's to deliver furniture that should've been delivered xmas eve and they still didn't get it right.

Customer service assured me of compensation again. You have my info, forward me the compensation details and lets get this deal done already.


I have since been credited the delivery fee, $108.86. Got an email from Eric Maurer with an additional $200 gift card redeemable @ Bob's, which I accepted. Hope all goes well on delivery day.


A new delivery date of 1-21-2012 has been given ( another month wait time ). I'm afraid I will be going for the ride many people on this site have posted.

Bob Cares

Tguth and Jimmy Colon,

We never like to hear about a bad experience with our company.We would like to make this right for you. Please contact me at with your order information so that I may access your accounts. Thanks, Eric


I bought a living room furniture set for my daughters Christmas gift to be delivered on 12-20-2011. Delivery came with NO sofa's, just the 2 lamps.

The ottoman came as well, wrong color so we sent it back. I called Customer Care and was told the right merchandise will be delivered 12-24-2011. Delivery came 12-24-2011 and it was the wrong set that I ordered. The WRONG set was left behind by the drivers and was told to call customer care again.

Customer Care had me call the store to speak with the salesman I placed the order with and thats where I am as I write this review.

I am too through with Bob's !!!! Get it right, compensate me for the payless day my wife took off to receive the delivery 12-20-2011 and let me move on with my life.

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