Meriden, Connecticut
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Like the title says. This sectional's frame is made from inferior wood.

I don't this is even wood, it looks like they dismantled a wood palette or shipping crate and used the wood for the framework. Also poorly designed. the seat is held to the frame with staples...yes staples inside the when you put pressure on the seat, like someone sitting on the seat, the seat pulls right out of the frame. This would be the popping sound the person heard in the review above.

After it pulls out, the seat is sunken in so far you cannot get out without help. The cushioning at the front is not glued to the seat's frame, so it shifts around and when it is depressed, it folds inside the seat fabric. Now being stuffed in a fold, out of place, you end up sitting on a piece of shipping crate way to reset it. One of my units arrived with the wood already cracked (broken), and they promptly replaced it, which is good, but I should have seen that as a sign.

All me sectional pieces are broken, its been about five years... sad. I tried to repair them as they "popped" using screws and L'brackets, but the elasticity of the seat cushion is so strong that forcing the seat back into place after it pops out is very difficult.

Stay away, spend a little more money and buy something with a little more quality. I paid $225 for each section, buying 6 + the ottoman.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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6 of 8 eight sectionals I purchased are peeling and look awful. I spend extra for the "goof proof" coverage but the peeling bonded leather is not covered.

Bob's is terrible! The technician came to fix a collapsed seat and told me the vice versa is made of balsam wood and it is a "***" piece of furniture.

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