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I purchased a bedroom set from Bob's Furniture about 2 weeks ago on arrival the dresser looked yellow in comparison to the chest and night stand which are "pure white". The wood piece that holds the mirror up also came broken.

My platform bed has my mattress on the floor!

Very upset but no one at Bob's can help me because the "repair" rep has no idea what the color is suppose to look like although he noted in the system the difference in colors.... I was just told that they have no idea how the colors should look, however the rep noted the dresser is offwhite...I have an idea if the set says white every pieces should be white!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1394.

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You get what you pay for people... It is cheap furniture because it is CHEAP!

You deserve what you got. Geez, DEMOCRATS!!


I absolutely love the leather couches I bought a few years ago at Bob's discount furniture. I can't say, however, the same for the coffee table and end tables.

VERY poorly made. The coffee table finally just fell apart - the legs just fell off and all the hardware came off too. We bought the Guardsman protection plan, and guess what? Stripped screws and hardware are not covered!

So right now I have a coffee table with no legs sitting in my living room. What a shame.


So I like to be fair and I am just updating my saga... Eric from Bob's gave me a $75 gift card to use at Bob's, however guess what?

I have reached out to Bob's so that I may purchase the foundation that they failed to tell me I need and just pay the diffrence, however the sales Rep Joseph has never returned my call! I have called the store over 10 times and other reps tell me they can't help me it would have to be my original sales man. I finally get him on the phone yesterday at 2pm and he promises me he will call me in 5 minutes and I have yet to receive a call from. I called him last night over 5 times and the response continued to be "I will call you in 5minutes" or "I will have him call you".

Wow I never knew Bob's was so HORRIBLE!

Now I have to *** this Friday so they can replace the damaged furniture they originally delievered plus go to Bob's in person to purchase the foundation and then take another day off to receive the delievery.... I would have been better off paying more at another furniture store and having everything delievered once and complete.


I don't know who is worst Bob's or Jennifer's the only good thing is that someone named Eric responds to this posting I emailed him but have not heard back from him....


I know the feeling I took off the delivery date, today and now I was updated that I need to take the 4th off for them to re visit and that I will need to pay them at least $150.00 more to fix their mistake. So 3 unpaid days.... Good luck to you.


You think you're story is bad. I took the day off of work tomorrow so I could be here for a delivery.

They tell me they will call me 24-48 hours before to let me know the window of time when it will be delivered. Day before the delivery rolls around and no call. So I call the customer service department to find out what time they are coming. Turns out the customer rep that I spoke to made a "technical error" and never actually hit the button to set my schedule date.

So now I've taken the time off of work for which I'm losing money, and now they are telling me that I can't have my furniture until next Tuesday. I HAVE A JOB AND HAVE TO WORK ON TUESDAY. So now I have to take another day off???? Are they nutes???

This is complete *** and customer service just gives me the runaround.

What a joke. I know one thing, I will NEVER do business with Bob's again.

Bob Cares

Hi Riveraa3,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'd like to make this right for you.

Please contact me at with your order information so that I may access your account. Thanks, Eric