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Free Complimentary Bed Bugs with your Bob’s Discount Furniture Purchase!

DO NOT purchase from BOBs Discount Furniture, there’s a very high chance you will get Bed Bugs!

Multiple Bed Bugs found in my home just after Bob’s Discount Furniture delivered furniture.

I have NEVER had a problem with Bed Bugs in my life… No one in my household has traveled and NOTHING new came into our home besides the Bob’s Furniture. Being as this was the ONLY variable, I Googled “Has anyone had a Bed Bug problem after purchasing furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture”

I was APPAULLED at how many people have experienced the same thing!!!!

Page after Page! It is so bad that there is an active LAWSUIT on Bob’s for Bed Bug infestations as a result of their Furniture being the carrier.

Bob’s will NOT HELP in any way. Not only did they act like this was no big deal they refuse to give us any $ back and now we have to pay for an exterminator to come out!!! I’m sure you know how expensive that is!

We paid for Furniture and got a Bed Bug Infestation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is especially heartbreaking b/c my husband and I have put in numerous extra hours deliberately to save up for New Furniture.

The day of its delivery was super exciting! I was at work while my husband was home and he kept sending me updates on how close it was to being delivered b/c I was so super excited and couldn’t wait to see how nice it was going to feel to finally sit on that nice new couch that we had to save up for. Imagine how devastated I am that we put in so much extra effort and had to wait quite some time until we had enough saved only to be given a Bed Bug Infestation that we do not have the money to take care of. We literally paid to have someone dump dirty biting bugs into our home… We are supposed to have our House Warming Party this weekend; imagine how embarrassed I am to call everyone up to cancel b/c I can’t risk sending them home with BUGS!

This is supposed to be a proud moment yet I feel disgusted and dirty. Not only is this inconvenient but its shameful. My husband had one fall off of him while at work! Can you imagine how embarrassing that is?!?!?!

How appalling that is??

All I can do is try to warn as many people as possible b/c I’m telling you this is such an embarrassment to deal with… Oh and this is just great… I just realized that all my neighbors are going to see a Bed Bug Pest Control Truck come to my house!!!

I can’t even hide the fact that it happened! And all b/c we tried to do something nice for ourselves.

Reason of review: I Received BedBugs With My Order/Delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1054.

Preferred solution: Need Exterminator To Come Out, Need Them To Pay For It!!!!.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Movers, Price was reasonable.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Customer service not caring, Disgusting liars, Bedbugs came with loveseat and chair, Email about not caring or calling.

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I'm having the same problem, posted pictures of my face arms legs. I had neck surgery, bought furniture june8, they delivered.

Got bitten a week after having it. Went to house for surgery junef26, cane home july 15th. Second day home was bit in my face, then every day since been bitten all over my body.

I called them on this, of course they claimed they do bedbugs test on their furniture n well I paid 1200.99 dollars for the love seat and 800.99 dollar for the recliner. I'm filing a complaint


Yeah we did too but they didnt nothing spent another $1000 for bed bug heat treatment. Well worth it, look into it but make sure you get to treatments bc they will come back.