Reston, Virginia

Not even 1 year ago I bought a whole living room set. It starts when they deliverd, they deliverd damaged furniture, the delivery men call the store & tell them furniture is damage "no problem" they say we'll deliver another one for you, (coffee table, sofa table & end table) aside from the couches that would be ALL the furniture I bought!

They also tell me it'll take another 2-3 weeks before I can get another shipment, fine i'll wait if I must! Well 2-3 weeks later the replacement comes in, guess what........DAMAGED AGAIN!!! This went on about 3-4 times when I finally had to accept damaged furniture, well the one piece, which they would only give me 40% back for after I screamed & yelled about it, (they never offered to do so I had to scream & yell!) Almost 1 year later, the one leg of my coffee table collapsed, try to put it back just to realize the ignorant ppl they send out to put the furniture together forgot to put 1 screw in that's why the leg collapsed. My fiance & I manage to get the 1 leg to "work" until a few months later when all 4 legs collapsed, (it's a glass top) luckily the children didn't get hurt!

Call up Bob's tell them what happened they send someone out to tell me that b/c the first leg that fell apart was never called in there's nothing they can do about it!! what about the other 3 legs? It's not my fault Bob's has *** furniture! They refuse to do anything about it!

So after spending OVER $2000.00 on furniture that is supposed to be well built & "you will never have a problem Bob's will stand by their product" so I was told! I'm stuck with a totally & completely destroyed peice of furniture & in a round about way I was told by Bob's "OH WELL!

NOT OUR PROBLEM!" I will NEVER recommend Bob's to anyone & will be sure to let everyone know what horrible customer service & furniture Bob's has!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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OK well, this guy is a ***....b/c I think $2000 for a living room set is perfectly acceptable. I bought a bedroom set for $2,000 (not including my mattresses).

They did not properly assemble it, which let to the headboard splitting...and the paint is peeling off of my set....with absolutely nothing but care. The insurance that I paid an additional 200 for, which is an outside vendor, has lost my paperwork twice and are handled by a bunch of 'second language english-speaking' *** who wouldn't know customer service if it fell out of the sky and landed on their face. My suggestion?

That we all organize a day when we pile our furniture into trucks and go to Bob's and dump it in his parking lot....that might get their attention. As for you 'LG' enjoy your expensive furniture.


These complaints about Bob's cheap furniture crack me get what you pay for, man. I needed a new living room sofa and chair and went to Restoration HW...pricey, but beautifully crafted and perfectly delivered. Oh and my previous furniture was from Jennifer Convertibles...lasted nearly 20 years and would have lasted longer if my cats didn't scratch the corners, so they're an excellent company, too.

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