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Purchased a BoboPedic in December. Scheduled for delivery on January 25th, they only deliver to our area on Wednesdays.

Took day off called customer service and was directed by the automated system and the person I spoke with to use their "State of the Art" Delivery tracking system. That morning at 9AM the system told me delivery would be at 12:02. The mattresses did not arrive (no big deal I figured it would/could be within a half hour either way) At 12:24 I checked system again and it now told me delivery would be at 3:08 that afternoon. I saw that as an opportunity to get errands done.

When I got home at 2:45 I had a message telling me they were here at 12;54, when I called they said truck was already back at the depot and unloaded and I would have to reschedule for the next Wednesday. When I asked about their "State of the Art" delivery tracking system I was told that there was an IT glitch that afternoon. They appologized profusely. Fast forward to the following Monday.

My husband calls and asks 3 different ways, are you sure we will get delivery on Wednesday. We are assured that we will and I take Wednesday off again. Tuesday night we check the delivery tracking system and it tells us our mattresses were already delivered, we call customer "care" and are told that the truck is already loaded and they are very sorry but that they don't know what happened our mattress is not on the truck and we will have to wait till the following Wednesday. We make a fuss, they tell us they will deliver on Saturday, we get a call at 11AM telling us they are an hours drive away.

That was the last we heard from them. We called again were assured delivery would be a 2PM at 3:15 we call and are told the delivery manager called the truck back for the day, we were too far away.

We Cancelled and went to Sleepy's saturday night, bought a better mattress with 20 year warranty and it is being delivered this morning (Sunday) at the regular delivery fee. This is real Customer Care!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Bob Cares


I apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. We are aware of the situation and have alerted our management to investigate further to ensure this is not an ongoing problem...Eric


Furniture is cheap and defective