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So we bought a leather sofa from Bob's and of course we bought the goof proof warranty since they pushed it so hard.

4 years of minimal use later, and we suddenly notice that the "leather" on the sofa is flaking away. And I don't mean the usual weathering that leather gets, I mean thin little pieces of the sofa are peeling away and dropping off, in places that we don't normally sit - like the side of the cushion. By the way, the "leather" is apparently exceedingly thin, because after it flakes off, all that is left is some kind of mesh material. The flaking is now proceeding at an advanced rate.

Of course I call up Guardsman, send off all the paperwork they ask for and wait expectantly. In the meantime we try and Google this flaking and peeling, and start seeing people talking about "bonded" leather which apparently cheap leather that is resurfaced in a process similar to vinyl. And guess what bonded leather does as it degrades? .... if you guessed flaking and peeling, give yourself a big hand! FYI, I see that bonded leather is rated as some of the worst quality leather around. Not to mention the advanced rate at which it degrades.

By now we are sufficiently alarmed that we call Bob's direct, and we explain the problem to them. They send out a guy. He arrives promptly on the day, right on time too. Takes a 20 second look at the damage, shakes his head and tells us that he has a "pen" that he could try and use. but he doesn't think it will do any good. A pen?...really?.. to try and repair the huge swaths, with tons of little flaked off bits?

He departs, 10 minutes after he arrived, referring us back to head office.

So we call Bob's where they quite happily tell us that their couch is quality leather, not bonded leather (perish the thought!). We then ask them how a quality leather couch can start to flake and peel, after 4 years of minimal use. Their response is to tell us that we are beyond their 1 year warranty and they cant help us. Asked for a supervisor, got the I year warranty answer again.

Guardsman also calls back a day later... to tell us that they don't cover this kind of damage. On the plus side, the lady does thank me for calling Guardsman and wishes me a nice day.

So to sum up... what you're getting from Bob's is the cheapest quality of leather, that's not going to last you more than a couple of years. I highly recommend them if you are buying "leather" furniture that you're only going to need for a year. Beyond that, the stuff literally peels away, and you're on your own (although their repair guy may show up with his "pen"). As far as the "Goof Proof" warranty goes... god luck with that!

I understand that to some extent you get what you pay for, cheap goods for cheap prices... but lets be honest, it's not as though the couch was some bargain basement price of $99.99.... it wasn't exactly cheap, especially when you added in their wonderfully useful "Goof Proof" warranty.

Thanks Bob, you certainly do "care" about your customers!

I'll be looking to talk up my Bob's experience with as many people as I can.

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Wow! I had the same exact experience with a Bob's sofa. I will never buy anything from them ever and I will be sharing the story with anybody I know thinking of buying furniture.


We also have the exact same problem with peeling "leather" on our sofa and also purchased the waranty.We were given a similar story after sending a letter and a photo.

No reply.

Disgusted with their *** story.Spreading the word to stay away from Bob's discount furniture.




Had peeling issue as well.After 1year .

Called and the degerates they hire for customer service cannot even give me an explanation and look up my order number being I paid extra for wear & tear /good proof. Good luck with that.

Your actually paying extra for them to feed you a line of *** ..Bob and his wife should be in prison for ripping people off .


I am experiencing the same peeling mess after 4 years. Very disappointed with this product.


Had the same problem....exactly minus the issues with the repair aspect you had....was about to get a new couch at Bobs, not bonded leather lol and told the sales guy and he mentioned that calling the customer service department to advise them as there was a huge issue with those particular couches and that Bobs may credit me some or all of my money back toward a new couch!Mind u, it's 3 yrs old but in bad shape from limited use.

So we did while at the store and boom, full credit of 1400$ and no delivery charge on new couch! Needless to say we were thrilled! Bobs should however have sent out letters to those who purchased ithese couches as opposed to just finding out by chance!! So if you have one, make a point to go into a store or call customer service.

All they want back is the original couch!Didn't even ask for pics and had no goof proof!

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1345366

Same problem with flaking off our "leather couch".Looking for some one to make me a cover for this couch.

Otherwise either get a real leather couch for $3000+ or cloth one :(.

For those of you looking for more like me, here is an idea.Get measurement of every side of this couch and make cut out of paper for each section, pick out a fabric, and get someone to saw it together.

Elmhurst, New York, United States #1343198

Having the exact same experience with Bob's Furniture..

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1334777


Merrick, New York, United States #1286876

Same thing happen to us. We called them today. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome of my call with them.

Standish, Maine, United States #1241318

This sounds just like me.I bought a--so i thought--a genuine leather sofa.

turns out its pleather! started peeling after 1 year. they told me 'can't help you'.

I will never buy anything from this company ever again.

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