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So we bought a leather sofa from Bob's and of course we bought the goof proof warranty since they pushed it so hard.

4 years of minimal use later, and we suddenly notice that the "leather" on the sofa is flaking away. And I don't mean the usual weathering that leather gets, I mean thin little pieces of the sofa are peeling away and dropping off, in places that we don't normally sit - like the side of the cushion. By the way, the "leather" is apparently exceedingly thin, because after it flakes off, all that is left is some kind of mesh material. The flaking is now proceeding at an advanced rate.

Of course I call up Guardsman, send off all the paperwork they ask for and wait expectantly. In the meantime we try and Google this flaking and peeling, and start seeing people talking about "bonded" leather which apparently cheap leather that is resurfaced in a process similar to vinyl. And guess what bonded leather does as it degrades? .... if you guessed flaking and peeling, give yourself a big hand! FYI, I see that bonded leather is rated as some of the worst quality leather around. Not to mention the advanced rate at which it degrades.

By now we are sufficiently alarmed that we call Bob's direct, and we explain the problem to them. They send out a guy. He arrives promptly on the day, right on time too. Takes a 20 second look at the damage, shakes his head and tells us that he has a "pen" that he could try and use. but he doesn't think it will do any good. A pen?...really?.. to try and repair the huge swaths, with tons of little flaked off bits?

He departs, 10 minutes after he arrived, referring us back to head office.

So we call Bob's where they quite happily tell us that their couch is quality leather, not bonded leather (perish the thought!). We then ask them how a quality leather couch can start to flake and peel, after 4 years of minimal use. Their response is to tell us that we are beyond their 1 year warranty and they cant help us. Asked for a supervisor, got the I year warranty answer again.

Guardsman also calls back a day later... to tell us that they don't cover this kind of damage. On the plus side, the lady does thank me for calling Guardsman and wishes me a nice day.

So to sum up... what you're getting from Bob's is the cheapest quality of leather, that's not going to last you more than a couple of years. I highly recommend them if you are buying "leather" furniture that you're only going to need for a year. Beyond that, the stuff literally peels away, and you're on your own (although their repair guy may show up with his "pen"). As far as the "Goof Proof" warranty goes... god luck with that!

I understand that to some extent you get what you pay for, cheap goods for cheap prices... but lets be honest, it's not as though the couch was some bargain basement price of $99.99.... it wasn't exactly cheap, especially when you added in their wonderfully useful "Goof Proof" warranty.

Thanks Bob, you certainly do "care" about your customers!

I'll be looking to talk up my Bob's experience with as many people as I can.

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I’m having the same problem with the cushions peeling and cracking and the set is only about 3 years old


Are there any class action lawsuits against Bob's for this bonded leather crap? I will never shop there again.


I had a red couch that did the same thing now after 4 years and I am seeing how many people this has happened to DO NOT BUT LEATHER FORM BOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a very sad situation. Unfortunately I am having the same problem.

I have only had my sofa for a little over two and a half years. And my sofa definitely was not that cheap in price. And yes I have the Goof Proof protection that supposed to cover everything including manufacturer defects.

They should do something about this or stop selling this low Quality Furniture all together. I feel totally mislead and ripped off.


I have the same problem my sofa is peeling off after 1st year! And nobody cares!

Very poor customer service! I will tell everyone not to buy anything from them!


i have the same exact problem on the headrest on a set that is now 5 years old, after over a year of calling Bobs and multiple photos sent and two technician visits to tell me that its a manufactures defect, they are giving me a small credit to replace the cheap quality sofa. I recommend that if you are looking for real quality leather for a little bit more of a cost, dont go to Bobs Furniture The sofa set wasn't exactly cheap at a clearance price. Do Not buy the Goof Proof protection, not worth the price and service sucks.


I have had the same experience. Flakes all over you and the house. Horrible.


I woke up with them somehow stuck to my face this morning! (We sit on the couch at night, sticks to our pajamas, and then go to bed...

now it’s everywhere!) I’ve had the same experience. Worst.


I’m having a Sicilian experience with my “leather” sectional sofa. I purchased the furniture a few years ago and it’s peeling!


Same thing happened to ours, and it is only two years old. It’s so bad we are going to have to replace the 900 dollar sectional.


Don't buy the warranty waste of money no matter what the problem is it is not covered...bonded leather is for throw away furniture never buy it will not last at all. Purchased from card is five year warranty came in at four years picked up repaired resources cushions brought back never a question. Call this the dollar store furniture

Halima B

Yes I went through this myself

@Halima B

we all fell for the Bob throw away furniture I will NEVER buy from Bob again Cheap Furniture run around service and useless Goof Proof All crap in one place! We have a better chance of buying a couch off of a truck on the side of the road!


Experiencing the same flaking after about 5 years of barely much use. Will NEVER EVER buy leather from Bob's again.

Visited my friend who had a leather sectional from Bob's. The flaking was clearly visible and unsightly for them as well


The same thing is happening to me now and I'm beyond upset.

@Lorraine Floyd

Same here! Any luck with replacement or should I not get my hopes up


Had the same experience with my bedroom furniture and I was totally disgusted. I was transferred to a manger who told me that if I was unhappy with the furniture I should perhaps purchase furniture from someplace else.

They made me feel like my hard earned money didn't matter. The goof proof plan is a joke that they shove down your throat like it was the best thing in the world.

I was very disappointed with the whole Bob's Experience. Lesson Learned


i bought furniture from the just a year old and it is doing the same thing SO disappointed in Bob's. As a single mom i spent a lot on this and it sucks! was going to go back to them but looking elsewhere now


I bought a black leather sectional in 05 and now 3 years later it’s flaming and peeling, called Bob’s about the goof proof and emailed them pictures upon their request and the told me that it’s not a factory defect and they won’t do anything to help me. So now I have a piece of *** sectional with a useless 5yr warranty. Thanks Bob’s for pretty much ripping me off


Wow! I had the same exact experience with a Bob's sofa. I will never buy anything from them ever and I will be sharing the story with anybody I know thinking of buying furniture.

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