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I purchased a twin trundle bed for my daughter first delivery date was a month after my purchase. Then a week before delievery date I recieved a phone call stating furniture is in.

I was excited thinking Great my daughter has her bed finally. Yeah right! On delivery date I recieved an automated message stating the delivery men were down stairs unable to enter building. I ran down stairs No delivery Men.

So I called back the customer service number it took me 40 mins til someone answered. Finally someone answered only to inform me my delivery was cancelled the day before my brother Carlos cancelled stating I had a Family emergency. I dont have a brother no a relative name Carlos. So it took another 40 mins with customer service.

Some how they figured out it was a mistake and they "found the delivery men" they coming back with my furniture. Another lie! That took another hour finally the delivery men came up with one box. I asked him were is the furniture he states he notice the box was damaged this morning he wanted me to see if I wanted the furniture damaged.

Unbelievable! I asked the *** if you notice the box was damaged and the furniture why didnt you show your supervisor before delivering the furniture. Of course he tried to make up a lie. He opened the box the wood was broken, spilting.

I have seen better frnture in the salvation army. I called customer service one lady told me they would redeliver on monday another later told me 4 months is the next date. August!!!! I wanted to strangle the customer service lady through the phone.

The delivery men disappeared didnt even wait for an answer. They transffered me to the store for a refund no one answer I was back and forth with customer service for 8 hrs trying to get in contact with a Manager or someone from the store. No one answered if not they will pick up and hang up. I finally spoke with someone around 7pm.

From 10 am calling and requesting Managers. Bob's Furniture has horrible customer service and horrible furniture. The furniture displayed is completely different from what you will recieve for delivery. They use cheap fabric and cheap wood pine wood.

99 cents stores have better furniture. I dont understand how this store has been able to cheat people for so many years without being sued. they need to shut this furniture store down.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.... I would never go back to them again I rather pay an extra thousand dollars at raymour and flannigan than ever go back to BOB's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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hahaha.....I got ya!!