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On 11/30/2013 my husband and I went to Bob’s store in Nashua at that time we purchased 2 couches and a chair totaling 2159.17 we had declined to have it delivered the manger was called over by the sales associate and proceeded to tell my husband and I that we will be responsible for the furniture if anything was wrong and we would have to bring it back, I then asked why the “goof proof” he then told us that it Is not our problem if we don’t deliver it. This manager was rude and convinced us both that we would have damaged property if we did have it delivered. He also told my husband and I that if we do not have it delivered we would have to wait 2 weeks for the furniture but if we have it delivered we can get it in a couple of days which annoyed me more. My husband and I had purchased a kitchen table 1 year ago and picked it up put it together with no issues.

I spoke with a customer service manager On Monday 2nd and informed her of the manager’s behavior and she assured me a report would be written. Now for the list of problems we have had since.

1. On 12/4 we had our 2 couches and our table delivered my table was broke and could not be put together, I was at work and was told by the delivery guy that Bob’s would call me, they did not I had to called them. When I spoke with a customer service agent we decided to have the table delivered with our chair that was back ordered which was 12/21

2. On 12/21 the delivery team showed up with my leather chair and table. The table was put together but the chair had 2 worn down spots on it, when I called customer service they told me that this would not happen again the manager (male) told me that he was very sorry and he was going to credit my delivery charge and the cost of the table when I received the new chair which is supposed to be on Friday 1/3. Due to the fact that we were happy with how we were treated by the manager on the phone my husband and I decided to buy a much needed bed for my younger 2 boys. That evening we purchased a trundle bed at the total cost of 713.00 which we scheduled to have delivered on 12/26

3. On 12/26 the bed was delivered but could not be put together because it had no hardware my husband then called and he was told again “very sorry” but this issue caused my 2 children to sleep on mattresses on the floor for 2 nights NOT ACCEPTABLE! The manager at the time assured my husband that once we got the bed delivered they would rectify the problems we were having. on 12/28 the bed was once again delivered to our home once it was put together we were told to call which my husband did, he was told that they would give us a gift card for the amount of the delivery fee, this was unacceptable after 40 minutes on the phone the supervisor told us that she could only credit us the delivery fee on the account and that was “final” knowing we still had to have stuff delivered to our home we felt this was the only choice. The manager also told us that “we should be happy because we are getting the other fee credited to us from the other delivery” which in turn angered us more we are the customers who have not had a good experience since this started she also said that she has no idea where we were getting the table credit from because we cannot do that! I was told that and she said that will NOT happen. Another lie told to us.

4. On 12/30 (2 days later) my husband was pulling out the bottom of the trundle bed and the wheel snapped off my husband called and they once again apologized and said they would deliver the trundle bed on Friday 1/3 when they delivered the chair. Mind you we still have not received all our furniture yet.

5. On 1/2/14 we get a call from Bobs cancelling our delivery for tomorrow due to weather I tried to reschedule for sat no they can’t do it so I tell them Monday they say no they don’t deliver on Mondays the next available day is Tuesday which would cause my husband and I to have to miss another day of work waiting for deliveries. Mind you we have missed 2 days already now they want us to miss another day which we cannot do. Them not helping us will cause my my kids to either share a bed for a week or one sleeping on the floor. I have tried to call a number of times but no one can help me Please I don’t want any other family to have to go through what we have been through!

This has been an ongoing nightmare after spending over 4000.00 in the past year and a half a your store I think my family and I deserve better treatment then what we have received this is unacceptable customer service I would hope someone can help us in this horrible experience that we have had with your company. I will forward this letter to as many people as I can until I get the right person to help us

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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