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Bob's service was terminable from the beginning.I purchased a tv/dresser night stand and head board.On the delivery of the furniture the nihtstand had a broken corner and they said they would order a new top.I refused and asked to have a new stand delivered.It cam in two weeks.To find out when the furniture was delivered it also had a guest BEDBUGS.This gets bigger than you would like.They where in two bedrooms making us itch like crazy.I had to remove all articles off the walls and bag everything in the rooms.It took money and time.I had to dispose of two mattresses and box springs$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I called and talked to Judy Johnson 860-474-1200x020305at Bobs(corporate office) and she informed me that only mattresses carry the bugs and they could not have come from Bobs.She read that off a Terminex web sight I spoke with my new friend the exterminator for $800.He believes the bugs came from Bobs on the furniture.I haven't slept at home for 5 weeks and just purchased a mattress for $700.My grand total for Bobs is $800 for the exterminator and 700 for the mattress and It is not easy putting a dollar sign on all the time for three people emptying closets and bill boxes beds and ext.They will have to talk to me for a while on the phone or small claims court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I got a new bedroom set for my son. I was disappointed to see little bumps on his furniture, but it was last year and I didn't notice (he is a teen) Then I got an entertainment center.

It seemed ok. Then I got a couch set. OK again. This year I saw this bed bug issue and though...maybe not a big problem.

I went to the store with my hubby while he was home on leave..and we decided to buy a big king size 1,200 bed. I asked about the problem with bed bugs. THe girl barely spoke english and kept insisting NOT a problem. We have had this about a month maybe..and my son has little bites all over him.

BOTH sons do. and I have a few. Nothing in a line though, like I have seen. I have looked on the bed.

THe only thing I see is the little holes on the wood like my sons bed.

Am I in trouble.?? Scared to death :(


Bobs is the worse place tp buy junk..burn it in a fireplace kids make it 3worlds away.....Runnnnnnn


Hello everyone, I have joined the Bobs Discount Furniture bed bug broken dream team. I am typing out all of your stories to present my case to the Bobs Discount furniture staff and possibly a court of law if necessary; using your stories as evidence that this is an on going problem. On March 6, 2011, I purchased a sofa and love seat from Bobs Discount Furniture in Natick MA. These products did not arrive until April 1, 2011. It recently came to our attention that the couch was loaded with bed bugs. We hired an exterminator to come *** the situation and his professional opinion was that the bed bugs were only located in the couches and no where else throughout the house. Also, based on the evolution and size of the bed bugs that it is very likely the bed bugs came with the furniture. Not only am I going to pursue this issue to its fullest extent, I am also going to try and get the Massachusetts Health Department involved. If this is an ongoing problem, then why is Bobs Discount Furniture allowed to continue to sell furniture that destroys the lives of it consumers? I am asking for some light contact information from all of you so that if some officials need to contact you they can. If you are willing to assist could you please email your first name and email address to AirforceJG@hotmail.com. This would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



My daughter purchased a couch and just found out her apartment is infested with bed bugs. They came to inspect and found out they originated from the couch.


Purchased furniture from Bobs n in the truck there was a dirty mattress infested with bed bugs. I told them to take the furniture back where it came from. I called customer service n was given the run around.


:upset :cry :zzz :upset :zzz :cry :?

I have the same story house hold of 7 2 adults 5 kids in 2008-09 we bought a sectional style couch and table from Bedbug Bobs (as I now refer to it) we paid almost 2,000 with everything with in a few weeks I was getting eating alive With research we found out bed bugs the couch being the worst lets not forget the 3 bedrooms!

I dropped off my kids to my mother in law crying in fear :cry we bombed bombed bombed we banged our heads to try to track were they were comming from :? Well we would get them to seem to be gone with about every couple weeks they would come back and we would have to start over again VERY EXPENSIVE total at end around a wopping 1,000 or even more Well we finally relized we needed to throw out the couch for it was ALWAYS the worst!!! We bombed again and finally GONE YEA it was about 7 mnths since then well we went to Bed BUG BOBS to buy our daughters new dressers and beds in a brand new fully renovated room And it has been about 1 mnth to the day my daughter yells for me to come look and low and behold a bed bug crawling up her curtain ohh yea here we go again my husband and I said well this time we knew there was NO WAY OTHER THEN BED BUG BOBS!! did a little more research to be sure I wasnt just posting blame to the wrong place and here I am !!!

well I hope one day someone does something about this it is crazy we deserve our money back!!

FULL even what we had to pay to get them gone you no it is not an easy thing well now we have to replace 2 beds more $$$$ we are in this now for about almost 5,000 if not more All that because there prices are lower!!! :upset :upset


My wife and I purchased bunkbeds from Bob's Discount furniture and also got bedbugs from their furniture. It could not have been the mattresses because we used the mattresses on my children's old beds.

Lo and behold bedbugs infested my children's room and made their way into my bedroom. We are going to throw the beds out and search for new furniture.

With extermination costs around 1,500.00 and the purchase of new beds and the infested beds from Bob's this whole ordeal will not only cost me over 5,000.00 but the time I have to take to wash every article of clothing is beyond belief. I see we are not the only one's impacted by this store.


1st off the mattress isn't warrantied for life that's BS 2nd bedbugs can come from any store, all it takes is for a person with bedbugs to order a new mattress and have the same tuck that delivered the new 1 take away the old one away.. Now there are bedbugs on the truck, whats to stop them from spreading, so whats spending 2000.00 on a mattress @ Sleepy's resolving?


I had the same experience.

At this time I’m interested in joining with others customers who have had a similar experience. Please build the courage to voice your concerns and join together to do something about this. Let’s get what is owed to us, please join me.



I had the same experience.

At this time I’m interested in joining with others customers who have had a similar experience. Please build the courage to voice your concerns and join together to do something about this. Let’s get what is owed to us, please join me.



Wow, Big Al is a *** huh? Hard to believe someone has that little intelligence with such a large head.


I'm in the market for buying a new living room set and stopped by Bob's new store in Woburn. It seemed nice with great prices but when a coworker advised me that her sister got bed bugs after buying a mattress from them I assumed it was an isolated event. I decided to do a Google search and was very surprised to see so many items popped up about Bob's and bed bugs. I'm so glad somebody told me. Obviously this is a gamble I wouldn't be willing to take despite the lower prices.

I can totally sympathize with anyone who ended up with an infestation of bed bugs. The time, money and frustration and all around yucky feeling should be compensated by Bob's Furniture.

I bought my bedroom set including mattress this past August at Bernie and Phyl's and all and all they have a good customer service department (one small issue with not updating my phone number after a few requests). I had no problem getting a dresser replaced quickly when I discovered a very small scratch. Based on what I've read about Bob's I have now decided that Bernie and Phyl's is where I will probably be buying my living room set from. All and all I was happy with my whole experience at Bernie and Phyl's. Simply put, they did what was right in a timely manor...

In addition I just searched Google to see if there was anything related to Bernie and Phyl's with bedbugs and there wasn't. : )


You want *** ... You buy at Bob's


How in the world could this bed be delivered with bedbigs? I thought the bedbugs came from previously used mattresses. WTF


Dear Big Al,

If the mattress was 3200.00 at sleezys you should have paid no more than 1600.00 they double the real price ( I am a x sleezy employee) sorry they ripped you off


TO BIG AL. A name says alot.

BIG BULLY is more like it. Pick on a GIRL your own size and maybe your own AGE! First good luck trying to get your life time warranty agreement honored. Many have tried, many have failed.

Second, you're assuming Sleepy's will be in business your whole life because last I checked they too were having problems with people not buying from them for bad service (and not honoring warranties!).

And three, if you're so *** rich, give the kid your money you arrogant son of a ***. And if you're so UNHAPPY living in America go live somewhere else because it's people like you who give us all a bad name and the rest of us don't want to hear you.




Well big Al, its nice that you have alot to say. I like how you say that we should stop being so cheap to have to shop at Bobs, that everyone should be able to save up 2000 bucks. Yeah. I just graduated college, my field is dead and I work THREE part time jobs to scrape by. Yes, SCRAPE. I had to buy a mattress at bobs, yes cause it was cheap and because it was either a cheap bobs Mattress or NO mattress. So screw off about your "stop being lazy and cheap and save money".

Why don't you think before you open your mouth and say words that are worthless? Why don't you try that.

-Jen (definately not lazy, since I work harder than you Al.)


Have to comment on your remark about buying from Sleepys and the 'big stores' You are BIG and wrong. Just bought a bed from Sleepys infested with bed bugs.

So not trying to save money and a lazy american. Google bed bugs sleepy's and you will see pages of stories regarding bed bugs...



First off anyone in their right mind would not and should not purchase a mattress n box spring from any furniture store even Cardi's or Alperts your wasting your money stop trying to save a couple hundred dollars be smart go to Sleepy's or Mattress Giant or a place the specializes in mattresses i bought a metal frame mattress and the box spring from Sleepy's paid about 2,000$ for it but it has a lifetime warranty their customer service is Amazing i actually had to replace the matress 1 time because all mattreses sink eventually wear n tear is normal they gave me no hassle sent a person to my house he measured it for me and i got a credit to go back to the store and pick out a new one of equal value naturally i bought the same company KINGS DOWN why because of the Lifetime Warranty and now for the rest of my life i will never have to spend another penny on a mattress, so people stop being cheap if u cant afford it save up i would rather pay 2000$ 1 time for the rest of my life then waste 800$ every 3 to 5 yrs you get what u pay for plain n simple and also will places like Sleepy's you can haggle the price the mattress i bought was about 3200$ i paid 2000$ with delivery and also the mattress cover to protect it. PEOPLE OF AMERICA LETS STOP BEING *** EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ALREADY THINKS AMERICANS ARE DUMB N LAZY SO LETS NOT PROVE IT ANYMORE BY SHOWING WE ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO PURCHASE A MATTRESS PROPERLY LOL and you can't be mad at BOB he didnt make you buy his product you did it on your own because your cheap and trying to save a dollar the economy is not that bad where u cant save up 2000$ if your not wasteful and if this comment offends you then you were taught a lesson and learned something today.

Have A Wonderful Day

Big Al


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