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I bought a new matteress at Bob's Discount Furniture. The matteress was priced right and is comfortable.

The bed frame however was a PIECE OF JUNK! The legs bent and broke off less than a month after I bought the thing. I called customer service and they sent a tech guy over a week later. The tech guy said that the frame was damaged by accidental customer damage and not manufacturer defect (hello the *** thing should last 10-15 years not 3 weeks!).

Then the store told me that they would not replace the frame because I did not by the Goof Proof (or whatever) plan on the frame. I was NEVER offered the plan. It was only offered to protect the mattetress (which I bought).

The ads practically scream that they guarentee 100% customer satisifation, but that is ***!

Even though I am very happy with the mattress and what I paid, I will never EVER by anything from Bobs again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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I bought one of Bob's bedroom sets 2yrs ago...to make a long story short, the wooden support beams broke off. I had the Goof Proof insurance but I was denied because the wooden beams underneath the bed are considered "unpolished" wood which is not covered under their insurance plan!! Please don't be a victim like me...spend the extra money and purchase quality furniture (You'll end up spending the extra money anyways) Bob's furniture and the Goof proof insurance is a Rip Off!!


Yes they are a rip off and so is their so called RIP OFF GOOF PROOF Extended Warranty! So I called with a complaint to Guardsmen for my bed that's falling apart....so because I didn't send in my two page detailed issue....I was denied.

It would have been nice if the lady on the phone told me not to waste my time and fill out the paperwork. I should have know because when I went to Bob's for a print out of my old receipt i was told "good luck". Ok, so if the bed will cost about $400 to replace IT IS MY $400 THAT IS WAS I GOT THE $150 INSURANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I don't care if it was $60 or $600....THAT IS WHAT I PAID FOR!

BOB'S IS A JOKE! Buy elsewhere please do yourself the favor.


The tech guy huh? A mattress technician?

A certified mattrician? :grin :eek


Absolutely Matt. The frames from Bob's are identical to all the standard bed frames sold by everyone.

And yes indeed frames should last for a very long time, and in fact most do. I can only assume that if a service technician, who is trained in furniture assessments and repair, can tell when a frame breaks due to customer abuse or for weight issues. Frames are made of a very light metal, and can only hold up to so much pressure. If the frame broke due to an manufacturing issue, the technician would say it.

They are much more inclined to deem something a mfg issue, and to tell a customer to their face they caused the problem.

Also, come-on, you are happy with a $600-$1800 mattress set, and you are complaining about a $60 metal frame? Just buy another one.


Just so you know ive never delivered for a furniture company that didnt this brand of metal frames.They sell them everywhere