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Unfortunately, i may the crucial mistake of purchasing a dresser for my daughter at the Bob's store in Southington. The dresser was delivered damaged and when i called the store to advise i was apologized to profusely and assured a new one would be delivered today' s date along with the mirror i had ordered. Well

the delivery truck brought the mirror and proceeded to attach it to the damaged dresser. I advised that i was suppose to receive a new dresser also, but the delivery men stated they did not have it. After advising those two rocket scientists that there is no need to attach the mirror to the damaged dresser i requested they just take both items back that i wanted a refund. They would not take the dresser because they did not have the paperwork, by this time i had to leave for work and just took the customer service number. After sitting on the line for over 20

minutes with no one picking up i had to end my call ( the worst part was Bob's voice stating over and over about hating to have to wait). i called back later and was on hold for over 20minutes until i got a live person. He was no help so I asked for a supervisor, after being on hold for another 20+ minutes I was greeted by Sara (it is their policy that they do not give last names) she proceeded to tell me how that was acceptable customer service and basically there was nothing she could do to rectify my situation (either bring me a new dresser or come take the old one immediately). The best they could do would be next Wednesday, I advised that was unacceptable and asked for someone above her or a name for someone to contact at the Corporate Office. She was unable to assist with either and after another 13 minutes on hold i was disconnected.

I was able to locate the corporate number and left a message 3 times on Bob's line (apparently Bob is on the road a lot according to the operator). About 3 hours later i was blessed with a call from Judy Johnson, Bob's personal assistant ( he really knows how to pick them). I explained my dissatisfaction with my experience to Judy Johnson (why I do not know, I would have gotten better results taking to my plant) and was advised that they would refund my delivery fee, but could not do anything to deliver or remove the dresser until six days from now (Wednesday). At this point i had to put the call on speaker so all my coworkers could also enjoy the fantastic customer service I was receiving. I advised Judy Johnson that there would be no one available at my house until 9pm wed. so it would have to be after that. Judy advised me there is a 3 hour window, I advised once again that no one is home until 9 wed. she proceeded to tell me they will call before they would come.Judy Johnson told me "it is written in writing" that they give you a 3 hour window just like Com-cast. I once again advised Judy Johnson over the hysterics of my coworkers that there is no one home until after 9pm she can call everyday from now to wed and that is not going to change. Needless to say the pickup for this dresser is wed. (thank god gas prices have come down a bit). Apparently, Bob has they same specifications for quality in his assistants as his furniture (if i could have talked to him i could have told him the job market is real tough out there I bet he could find an assistant now that was able to speak and represent him in a positive light, even at a discount price).

Bottom line just stay away from the store it is not worth your time or aggravation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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well i must be the lucky one. from the purchase to the delivery i have only praise not one complaint


I do not recommend bobs to anyone after what i went through. over a week ago i took my time to go try out mattresses because mine completely broke.

i found the one i wanted and the guy who sold it to me assured that it would be in the very next Wednesday,and he was aware of my rush to get a new bed. so Wednesday came and i called to see if my mattress was in the person on the was so confused , she said we have it here that we have to pick up a mattress at your house so i was like no i need to pick up my new mattress. at this point i was on the phone for 30 while they were trying to figure out what was going on i ended up hanging up because i was so angry. the lady then called me back and told me it was in....Oh no i get to the Worcester store Payed for my bed then sat in shipping for over a hour.

the manager finally came out and told me that there was no bed there for me then this *** tried to sell me a cheaper version of what i wanted, i was so angry i asked if there was a way to ship my mattress for free he gave me the most shocked look and said no.

I then tried to contact corporate and i was given two of the wrong numbers never in my life have i been so angry with a store. no body was help at all and i will never buy from there again

I work in retail and my customers are never treated this badly...


Thank you for 4 lovely dining rm chairs much larger than we expected but we love them. Only thing missing is Goof Proof kit as part of the plan.

Will it be sent under separate cover? Mr n mrs Wright


Do not go to this store if you want peace of mind. Thye will not deliver the furniture on time as well as the agents bringing in the furniture a bunch of @&*%&.

The customer service is the worst. Worse than Verizon and comcast!!!!!. They have wasted my two saturdays in a row. Last week they told me that they were unable to find my house and promised that they will deliver today morning.

When I called at 1 Pm they told they the delivery will be between 1 and 4. At 5pm, Icalled again and I was told they forgot to load my item. It is totla waste of your time and money if you go to Bobs Furniture. Customer service over the phone is worst.

You have no idea unless you call. They are from another planet


I never thought I would be posting bobs furniture store for the worst experience I have ever had....I was a little nervous about it from the start...I had a order for a sectional...I was told delivery would be five days away..I reschedule my work to be home for my couch..received a call from maddy sales lady in plainfield NJ..at 945 pm she kept telling me this was a followup ..I told her I'm confused what followup my furniture coming Fri 3 days from now..she said ok..goodnight..I called a day ahead to confirm..I was told after being on hold 3 times ..we made a mistake ...u have to reschedule we did not save date..I said what! I was told Friday..I asked for a manager ...spoke with Brian who had no care in the world..he just said nothing I could do..u are a manager ..furniture comes from ct only a hour away not Paris..I could not believe he just wanted to throw a gift card my way. I told him I was not looking for a handout..it's the holiday u are messing me up..who cares about a bobs gift card..u can't get anything but a lamp..why should I pay for a delivery fee ...when u screwed up..no one explained the reason...I said cancel my order..if u can't keep up to your end of the deal...that's a red flag run while u can...who wants aggravation when purchasing cheap furniture.....a word to the wise u get what u spend......stay away from plainfield NJ store....maddy sales Brian acting supervisor the Worst....ever


i wish to be contact or given the address of the corp office i have to let them no of the great job the flushing people di for thur all the problems i had getting my furniture




I too have not gotten anywhere, in October 2010, I call the warranty companyt be fixed it would need a replacement. perfect more then 6 weeks later I received the WRONG part, I needed the cover, I received the core to sofa,after numerous calls and ridiculous wait time!!!!! I did talk to someone, she said sorry and there will be another part shipped, when she looked up my order there was another CORE being shipped Good luck to whoever thinks they are getting a good deal!!!


Beware, the catnapper sofa cable for the recliner breaks, (two per coach)

Warrantee, Pay Bob's $60 and have a technician replace the cables. Only the technician does not tighten the nut and bolt attaching the cable to the coach.

And another visit to fix the nut and bolt (tighten) and $60 more. Not right.


Beware, the catnapper sofa cable for the recliner breaks, (two per coach)

Warrantee, Pay Bob's $60 and have a technician replace the cables. Only the technician does not tighten the nut and bolt attaching the cable to the coach.

And another visit to fix the nut and bolt (tighten) and $60 more. Not right.

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