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I ordered what totaled to about $5K worth of furniture about a month ago which was split into two separate delivery dates. Fine. The first delivery went pretty smoothly and I received a bed, loveseat, bedside table and entertainment console. Two weeks later I was scheduled to receive the rest of the furniture which included the sofa, a dresser and a chest.

So, my building has delivery restrictions and I am not allowed to receive deliveries outside of the hours of 9-4. I received delivery confirmation the day before that the delivery would take place between 2:50 and 5:50. I knew that this was going to be a problem so I called customer service to let them know about the restriction. Well, the girl on the line ASSURED me that the delivery window was actually 11:50-2:50 and not what was mentioned on confirmation. I even asked her several times whether she WAS SURE that it was the delivery for 3/20 andd she said "oh yes".

Well, here comes my delivery day and 4pm comes and goes and I get nothing, I call to complain and state that I will cancel my entire order if I don't receive my order by the next day.

The following morning, the delivery guys come and deliver what i was expecting the day before. When they leave, I notice that my loveseat (which I received two weeks prior) is about 5 inches shorter than it used to be! I turned it over an notice ALL OF THE LEGS WERE MISSING!! How could this be? i remember them putting the legs on the loveseat two weeks ago. I don't remember it being this low.

Then I realized, OMG THE DELIVERY GUYS MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN THE LEGS TO MY SOFA AND REMOVED THEM FROM MY LOVESEAT THINKING I WOULDN"T NOTICE!!! This is the craziest expereince I have ever had with a delivery service. WHO DOES THIS????

Never again will i purchase furniture from Bobs. EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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Bob Cares

Wow that does sound crazy! I'd like to get this taken care of for you. If you'd send me an email at I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric

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