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Bob's Furniture screwed all the employees.

We all work on draw and straight commission.

For month of December we had a 4 week draw against our commissions.

Bob's decided to add on 2 more weeks and now no one is getting their commission checks as the draw skyrocketed and December was slow for everyone.

MERRY XMAS - Yea thanks alot

We depend on the commission checks to pay our rent , food ect ..

They gave notice this was happening at the last moment.

I quit. Can't work for a company that treats their employees that way.

Bob you should be ashamed. Selling out to Tod English and his TJ Max philosphy and corporate bs will be the downfall.

I will be starting a website for Bob employees to leave comments and also for customers.

Pissed off and not going to smile and walk away

Location: Old Town, Maine

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I left Bob's and never received my commissions.


I'm starting tomorrow wish me luck. Lol


Hi I hope all is well. I start soon.

I had a question. Is the pay weekly?


Yes, the pay is every Friday.


To anyone that bought something. You paid a cheap price for cheap furniture, what did you expect would happen?

You got what you paid for. Next time don't make a purchase because it's the lowest price... Lesson learned, shop for quality with a company that cares. Bobs doesn't care about your complaints, to them you are just a number.

Go to a local store and help a small business owner that cares about his/her reputation instead. If you bought at Bobs you were rolling the dice that the stuff wouldn't fall apart.


Does anyone know what managers sued Bobs and settled for $100,000 each? or any other employee lawsuits against them?


Bobs is within months of bankruptcy


Yup was just a matter of time... Told you this company was greedy ... Hope the salespeople get what they are looking for. Never work at Bob's.

Latest ......

The union also said the retailer Bob's Discount Furniture recently changed its commission formula in a way that hurt longtime employees and is requiring employees to pay more for health insurance premiums.

What a surprise...


I purchased all these items March, 2007. I tried to get them fixed, changed, or something...STILL WAITING.

Items purchased.

Bed Room Set No Good by 2009/ wood became soft and fell apart.

Child's Bunk Bed Set with 2 Chest- wood split, soft and fell apart, and slats breaking/bent.

Mustard Couch, Love seat, Cair and Ottoman-all sinking in the middle.

Black Entertainment Center(delivered 3 times with Scratches, broken glass etc.)- the back seperated from the unit, the drawer fell in.

Dining Room table 6 chairs(montabello)- chairs are broken, the table is lopside,wood split straight down the middle.

I purchased the "GOOF PROOF" so, I called to have them fixed, I was offered $100 gift cert. which, still did not make it to my hands and this is 2011...


***Goof Proof, is a joke/rip off***

***Employees are unprofessional***

***Customer Service is NULL n VOID***

***Managers, DONT CARE***

***It is only about making Comm***


Stamford, Connecticut :cry :? :( :x :sigh



Slacker ? No Loyalty ?

Sorry don't have loyalty to a company that screws you out of pay. Not to mention having commission structure 2 days before you get paid by adding a week that you didn't even get to sell.

Also when your boss tells you " You guys got screwed" It's not a good sign.

To the slacker comment. I was one of the top salespeople in furniture and protection.

Instead of writing some kiss *** comment instead of debating the actions taken against the employees .. try using a intelligent comment that helps this forum.


Man there is no loyalty anymore.. you x employees or should I call slackers should find a welfare roll to jump on.


Their protection program is aggressive because all stores are measure by their percentages.

Managers make bonus in the protection sold by there salespeople.

Actual store meetings with the sales people in the morning they chart the people doing well and they announce the people not selling.


Yeah I purchase a bedroom set, bed, dresser, mirror mattress and night stand. The bed came damaged and had to be replaced three times and I was offered a $100 store credit.

I decided okay three weeks later I'll buy my living room set from them so I did and got a sofa, love seat, coffee table, 2 lamp tables, tv console, throw rug, 2 lamps and a 6 chair pub table.

The sofa was damaged and had to be replaced 4 times and each time I had to take my front door off to get it in on top of losing hours at work to be home for each delivery.

I had to get 3 replacement chairs for one that they damaged for the pub table and its still damaged and I've been waiting over a month to get the new one. They also did not tighten up the tables and i had to do that myself after they left. They also broke the mirror for the dresser and I had to wait for the replacement and when it came in they damaged the dresser and now I'm still waiting on that replacement.

While waiting they sent out a repair tech who had nothing more than a stain marker in his hands that cost about $10 at home depot and for this I waiting two weeks and took off work?

There warranty is a joke and there repair service sucks. The guy walked in looking like he just came from the gutter. I told Bobs at this point I'll keep the dresser and chair for a credit. The most they will offer me is $75 after all those issues yet they gave me $100 for only 3 issues on the first order.

Today I finally had enough and filed a dispute with my credit card so now if they want there money they can call me for a while and see how it feels.


PS: Writing them through the BBB does no good they only answer back via email and give you half *** answers. Not once did they even pick up the phone to try and resolve my issue. I'm always calling them.

I'm seconds away from getting others with these issues and contacting the attorney generals office and have a formal dispute opened.


1. Written by Rich in Nutley NJ, on 05-03-2010 08:33

RUN, RUN as fast as you can away from this company.

They stand behind nothing, we also purchased the Elite Guardsman package for our sofa, it has been broken forever, Guardsman came once and sewed it then when it ripped again they said it was Bob's issue... I have been trying to get in touch with Bob Kaufman, Ted English (CEO), the sales guy who sold me the policy (actually told me and my wife that even if my kids purposely ripped, wrote, pee'd on the stuff we were covered) Milton Bander and the real owners APAX partners who pumped in the dollars to fund the growth.


Thanks for the info. I was going to buy my dining room table set from there but now I will not even bother!

My friend has bought several things with them & never had a problem with them but I am not willing to take the chance its just not worth any aggrevation. Yes, I can get aggrevation from any place I decide to purchase my dining room set from but there are too many problems on this one website & everyone cannot be wrong about Bob's.



So former employee, how do we get in touch with Bob or whoever actually owns the business???? I am so disgusted with their lack of customer service --I paid for a brand new living room set and it was delivered with *** smack in the middle of the cushion - initially they kept promising to fix it -- that never happened, now I can't even get a response to my emails........ Will NEVER buy another item from them (and I was return customer - previous living room set, bedroom set, curio, entertainment center..) I knew I wasn't buying Ethan Allen or Thomasville, but I would think getting it without damage wouldn't be expecting too much.......


Seems like you screwed people by selling clearly inferior products on commission then were surprised when they got you too? Been there, done that.

Karma will get you every time.


Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I already made my purchase of a sofa. Big mistake!

I requested a late afternoon delivery and the salesperson told me that they usually work with the customer on the delivery time. Not. Customer Service called me and told me that my delivery was for 7:40am-10:40 am.

So, I had to take a day off from work. The delivery guys arrived and I showed them the stairway layout and told them it would be easier if they brought it up the deck in the rear of the house like all other deliveries I've had in the past. They insisted on doing it their way and proceeded to wedge the sofa in the hallway. They couldn't get it into my apartment.

I again asked them to use the rear deck and they said no, so I told them to put it back on the truck and I'd go back to the store for a refund. I even gave them a $20 tip for all of their efforts. Upon returning to my front door, however, I realized that they broke the spring mechanism on my storm door.

Later that day, I went back to the store and explained the situation and the CSR tried to say that I "refused" the sofa. I stood my ground and finally she agreed to refund the full price. After waiting for 20 minutes for her to get through to the Corporate Office, she then started to process the refund.

She was so busy text messaging and was not paying attention and proceeded to charge my debit card a secong time instead of crediting the account. She then refunded twice the amount to rectify it, but charges go right through while refunds sometimes take days to show up on the bank statement.

So, now my checking account is in a negative category and my checking funds are all tied up until the refund clears. I'm sure the bank will gladly charge me for it, too. How inconvenient is that?

*** Bob, *** his delivery guys, *** his salespeople and *** his Customer Service Personnel. That place is an absolute joke and easily the most unprofessional operation I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

********STAY AWAY FROM BOB'S********


Thanks, all.

I was about to do business with Bob, but not with these comments.

If you want the real story, listen to someone who has worked there. I just have. Thanks for posting these comments. Bob, apparently all the "community good" you do is just for show.

Shame on you. I'll never buy there.

And, I'll tell 100 others. JB-Milford


I'm sure you do have the guts don't short change yourself.

Probably more that you need the money for your famiy or yourself.

I am hoping to change this event for everyone and make them realize this action was just a bad move.

I'm not here to say Bob's isn't a good place to shop or anything like that.

If I thought that I wouldn't have work or applied there.

I just want the employees checks restored.

People are being hurt and thats not right.

Imagine that you pay your rent with your commission check. You have figured out what your getting and a week or so before your to get your check you find out they added 2 draw periods against your check (6 weeeks) and your getting nothing or owe money. Think your landlord is going to understand ?

Bob's just restore the peoples checks..

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