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Within the last 6 months we purchased a 6 piece leather sectional to improve our theatre experience at home. At the time of sale the associate strongly recommended we purchase the Goof Proof protection plan as this would ensure any unforeseen accidents, spillages or breakages would be covered. Unfortunately I dropped a picture frame on one of the sectionals and made a very deep 6 inch scratch, I immediately called Goof who's first question was asking me if I could put my finger through it as they only cover actual holes in the fabric! They wanted me to send pictures and they would look at my claim but thought it was unlikely they would do anything. After much deliberation and multiple phone calls Goof agreed to sent a technician out who looked at the furniture tool pictures. At the time he told us "I can make that look a lot better, but I have to see what my office wants me to do, you should hear from someone in 10 days. 3 weeks later I phoned Goof again and asked what the status of my case was, you can imagine my surprise when they told me it was closed, as there is no actual hole in my sectional they didn't plan to do anything, we only repair holes or eradicate stains!

What appalling customer service, no call to tell me they had made a decision on my case. At this point I have called Bob's Discount Furniture and asked them what they will do about, they are sending a technician out to look at the furniture next week.

I have told them they have to stop the fraudulent selling of a Goof Proof warranty that is completely useless and misleading. I would never have spent $150 if I knew it only covered holes!

I will never shop there again and will continue on my crusade to ensure customers are aware Bob's is trying to sell a pathetic warranty coverage. Go to Jordan's their customer service and warranty program is second to none.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I have same issue.We have leather skin pop up,color looks like white on couple places.Called Goof & they said it's not covered.2nd time in moving my sofa & love seat damaged & had cut marks,somewhere stitches at joints opened but said same thing "NOT COVERED IN POLICY".

NEVER NEVER buy this.It's total fraud.


I was told to get the goof proof protection plan based off the fact that I have a big dog. So of course, we did.

And she eventually ripped one of the cushions on the couch, and guess what...SHOCKER, they don't cover pet accidents.

I am fighting with BOBS as we speak. SOOO disappointed.


As expected from these reviews - Goof proof is planning to deny my claim for my sofa. hmmm.

please contact me by email if you would like to participate in a class action suit against them.


I would be willing to participate....this is a total scam.


Unfortunately, i didn't read these reviews before buying from Bob's. My 1 yer old leather sofa has developed a wear spot and is wobbling.

I tried to contact Bob's - they referred me to Goof Proof. After 15 minutes on hold waiting,someone picked up and told me I had to go to Bob's b/c I was not in the system.

I went back to Bob's only to be told that they didn't know why I wasn't in the system but that it would take Goof Proof 2 days to put me in the system. After reading the above, I am not hopeful that this will be resolved without litigation - fortunately - I am an attorney.


I too feel as though I have been taken by the goof proof. My bed railing suddenly broke which left my king size bed wobbly and unstable.

I contacted Guardsman. After immediately sending pictures I contacted Guardsman about my claim &was advised the claims were backed up and i had to wait until they got to my paperwork & entered it into the system. TWO WEEKS LATER (still sleeping on a wobbly unsteady bed) i received a call advising someone will contact me in a few days to schedule an appointment to come to my home. After sleeping on a broken bed FOUR MORE DAYS I received a call and got an appt for 1 and a half weeks later.

To add insult to injury the technician came took my entire bed apart left all the pieces against each corner of my room and told me I had to place my box spring & mattress on the floor until he repairs the bed railing. When asked how long that would take he replied some time next week OR when we can contact you. Meanwhile it has been 32 days and counting and my bed has yet to be repaired. I could have saved the $150 I spent on this garbage plan & brought me a brand new bed rail by now.

DO NOT get talked into the goof proof plan.

IT IS A RIP OFF. I will NEVER purchase another item from Bobs nor would I recommend them


i reported bobs furniture to the BBB for that exact reason. the Goof Proof is a BIG SCAM!!

WARNING DO NOT BUY GOOF PROOF!!! i am now in a battle trying to get a refund!


How can you get refund?


Glad i read this, i was just going to Bob's website to look at beds and will now go to Jordans.


Bob Cares

I can certainly understand why you're upset about this warranty issue. $150 is a lot to spend to find out something isn't covered.

Please email me at so that I may look into ths for you. Thanks, Eric

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