Westport, Connecticut

I put an order in to get replacement cushions for my couch in October. I was told it would take 4-6 weeks which made me thin Thanksgiving., By the time Thanksgiving rolled around and passed I started calling to see where they were.

I recorded the amount of phone calls and they amount of time I was put on hold and even wrote to them. I called weekly and asked and kept getting the answer that they were on the way. Christmas came and went and still know replacement cushions - Then the Superbowl came and went and I kept calling and always saying that they had left the warehouse and they are on the way. Well In Feb.

of 2008 I must have gotten a new employee who hadn't heard my story and she told me that they were being sent from a third world and yes they were on the way. This didn't sound right so instead of waiting a week, I called the next day and low and behold they were not able to get the delivery so they cancelled my order. All I needed was the foam cushions! Not the material - no just the cushions.

I am so pissed at that company! I will never go back. I will never allow any of my friends or family go there either. They never even had the courtesy of answering my letter - no apology - no nothing.

He sucks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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I bought 2 bedroom sets, including mattresses, and a living room set. His cushions for the sofas are no good, they went flat after just 2 years, absolutely no good.

I would never shop there again. I am going back to Macys


Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of how to get bobs replacement coushions just the covers for a brown sleeper sectoonal


Who is silly enough to order replacement foam for their cushions from a furniture store anyway? Go to Joann Fabrics and buy the foam there for a lot less then any furniture store will.

Bob's sells furniture not foam. :roll


i see how bobs buz is so i'll shop elsewhere thanks for the post you guys


I can't believe a store is this bad and still in business. If half of these postings were true channel 7 would have been involved, Help Me Hank would have been all over this. You folks must have a personal vendetta against this store, these stories are just to outrages.

@I can't believe it

Wow I’m sure this isn’t a rep for bobs. Why would you even comment if you weren’t.

Such {{Redacted}},and yes they could and do *** with people all the time. You really thing the news is going to get involved.


Fairfax, Patriot, Bullseye, Amore 2, Cleo, Big Kahuna, Hamptons, Dakota, just off the top of my head. Need any more? lets be perfectly honest too, go to any other stores around and youll find stuff from overseas half the time.


Correction to Matt..Name me one,, just one, sofa from Bob's thats made in the states,, when I was there they were phasing out all the decent stuff and biringing in all foregin products. Mostly from China and Brazil. I hope that Russian Oak or Siberian Elm doesn't contain that radioactive wood I heard about in the news.


"Craig" the clown strikes again!


When you place a part order, Bob's only acts as the middle-man between you and the people who actually send these items (i.e. the vendor).

Bob's does not carry parts in their warehouse, and do not themselves sell any parts. If the issue was a late part, or a missing part, or a damaged part - the issue is with the vendor, not Bob's. The order is placed by Bob's, but the vendor is then responsible for sending the item to you directly.

And Tom, Sam Walton was not a Jew, but he paved the way for ripping American consumers off by being one of the pioneers of the "buy-cheap-sell-cheap" business practice, and Wal-Mart to this day is still the top retailer in the world. Why are the prices cheap, because they are made of cheap material and use cheap labor to make them.


Bob is a filthy Jew who will sell any junk he can to us unaware goyem!


sorry to say but i worked for bobs for three years and more than half of their sofas are made in the usa.


If you had bought an American made sofa, you wouldn't be looking for replacement cushions. Bob's furniture is disposable, so quit your whining and buy another one!