Westport, Connecticut

Bob's makes a big deal over his "20 year non-prorated mattress warranty." If you look at the fine print you'll see that there can be no "staining." What they mean by "no staining" is "absolutely like new." As the tech who visited my house told me, even if the stains are removed, if the cover is even slightly discolored that voids the warranty.

So good luck on getting a replacement.

Now, we bought the most expensive Mattress Bob's sold in 2003. $1,000.00. After 6 years the whole middle started to sag. Obviously, whoever built it for Bob's used cheap metal in the springs. I looked at the cutaway in the store of a Bob's mattress vs. a Sealy. His looked so much better. What I now think is what people were shown in the store and what arrived in my house were two different things.

Bob's is a "take the money and run" kind of place. It just took me a few years to figure that out. The "everyman's guy" who sits on the couch and tells you what a good deal his stuff is fiction. Beware.

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I had my mattress for under 2 years and they came out inspected it and provided a credit. I didn't even have a stain protector cover.


Very cheap products that's why the cost is low cheap come out expensive don't buy


this is true. i went to bobs yesterday to buy a $800 bob-o-pedic memory foam mattress and box spring.

i asked two differnt sales men the same questions having to do with warrantee since i have read reviews about the mattress sagging over a few years. the second man was up straight and told me that if there is any stain even a speck it will void your warantee. so he told me to buy the bobs water proof matress protector which was another $69-99 depending on which type you prefer.

this cover will protect against liquid, food, sweat, drool, bed bugs, dust etc. i didnt want to spend more money but i want to make use of the warrantee if the mattress doesnt live up to expectations.


Bob's is a rip off.


I had the exact same problem as above, bobs is a sham don't waste your money. you think your saving a few dollars, and actually you are wasting much more.

2 year old black label king size mattress ended u with a 5" depression. and they wouldn't replace it because he mattress top was not pristine.

Go with any factory backed reputable brand, stay away from bobs!!


In July of last year we bought Multiplex II

5 Piece Reclining Sectional & Storage Ottoman. They told us that every part of the furniture that your body touched was Leather.

Well, Last month the part of the recliner that you put your feet on the stitching became undone. We did put a warranty on the furniture, but trying to get those people on the phone was close to impossible until we did some research online and found the cooperate office number. They eventually came to look at the furniture and said pretty much nothing. We didn't hear from them again.

So we went to the Saugus store in Massachusetts again playing fake costumers and asking about the same recliners and if they were leather, the sales person said "YES, 100%" we told him that that was not true, they said that it was, we said nope. And they said how did we know...and of course we told them we bought them and the stitching was undone. Well, they spoke to the manager and said that they would call us, and see if our furniture could be replaced. we are still waiting for their call back, that was more than 2 weeks ago.

SO PLEASE DO NOTTTTTTTTTTTT BUY FROM BOBs. THEIR FURNITURE SUCKS AND IT gets ruined easily and no one will replace it even with a warranty.


That is 100% correct the federal gov't states that if a mattress is stained in any way the manufactures warranty is null and void so don't blame Bob's blame the law which is designed to protect you and me.


REALLY... when you KNOW there's a manufacturers defect, and many people have the same issue, hiding behind the skirt of a loophole is not what I call honorable business practice. What I think should happen is a class action lawsuit should be brought against bobs discount furniture.


how does not covering a defect protect anyone, why does it have to be pristine are they going to sell it to someone else as new i have been in the bedding biz 30 years and bobs warranty procedures are a scam


well if you hadnt blew your wad all over my stinkin mattress, you could have returned it!


With a name implying that you are the manager of the company bein complained about, your comment is completely inappropriate and distasteful.


hey, he works for bobs, and he can live with himself. What kind of attitude would you expect.