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My wife and I just moved into a new apartment on Dec 1st and let our old roomates keep the used couch. We went to Bob's to buy a new couch and made sure to get a sleeper because my mother is coming to visit for the holidays and we are only in a one-bedroom. We picked out the couch we wanted and a coffee table set and I paid in full on my credit card on Dec 4th. I was told the earliest that the furniture could be delivered was the 22nd, but that was ok because my mother wasn't coming until the night of the 22nd. She lives in North Carolina and is driving, even as I type this, up to New York to see us for her once a year holiday visit.

Two days ago I received an automated phone call from Bob's confirming my delivery for today, the 22nd. I was happy that things were on track because I had been warned by some friends about Bob's terrible delivery service. Well this morning I get a call at the office from my wife (who is pregnant and really doesn't need this stress and aggravation) that the delivery guys showed up with only the coffee table set and no couch. We called customer service and were told by a very rude woman named Katie that we should only have been expecting the table set because they had left a voicemail saying that the couch was not yet ready for delivery, even tho it had already been reserved at the store nearly three weeks ago and was confirmed only two days ago. I never received any such voicemail. I pulled my phone records from verizon and I never even received a call from Bob's other than the confirmation.

After being transferred to two more equally rude reps we were told that the best they could do was deliver the couch, which had been ordered on the 4th and scheduled for the 22nd, on the 31st. They admitted that the couch was in stock but insisted that nine days was the quickest that they could get it to us. I called a woman named Nicole Theriault in customer care to discuss any possibility of a rushed delivery, but they obviously don't care quite enough to bother returning a voicemail. Needless to say I am cancelling my order today. I should have gone to Raymour and Flannigan to begin with for their higher quality and 3 day delivery.

This has completely ruined a once in a year visit before it even started. Due to Bob's dysfunction and negligence, the only thing that my 64 year old mother has to sleep on this weekend is a cold hardwood floor.

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Its funny how after each bad review "Bob cares" customer support people respond with a regurgitated line that they are sorry and want a call to make things things right. Maybe if they did things right the first time and actually cared about the customers they wouldnt have all these issues and also wouldn't have horrible ratings from the better buisness bureau!

Bob Cares


I'm sorry for the inconvenience our company has put you through. We would certainly like to make this right for you.

Please conctact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com with your order information so that we may access your account. Thanks, Eric


Bob's sucks big time. I would avoid them again.

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