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I have furnished my whole house with merchandize from Bobs Furniture. They sell you additional merchandize and insurance they call the Goof Proof. The mattress protector they ahve don't work, it's difficult and feels like going through an eye of a deedle to get the furniture's fixed and covered buy their insurance. They promise the world while you are still buying, but denies everything when you make a claim. What is worse is they won't tell you up front when you make a claim. they'll tell you steps to do so the claim can be made. Once you ahve done the steps and you call back, then they tell you the terms of the insruance agreement have been violated so now they can't do anything and there is no more coverage they can extend to you.

We bought 3 mattresses from them. Two of which had a claim. they sold us mattress protectors and when we were buying it they said they will replace the protectors when they get dirty. Also the matresses will be replaced if the protectors don't work. Well, the protectors didn't work and the matresses had soda and food stains on them from children and when we called they told us to scrub it and get it cleaned and they will come to replace them. We did what they said and after we have cleaned them we called again and only for them to tell us, because now that we have cleaned them, it made the contract null and that we should have just left them the way it was, so now our insurance is nullified.

Bobs Furniture just wants your money now. They don't care about retaining your business afterwards. They don't care about their customers. They are scammers and you should not buy from any of their stores. It' not worth the headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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My mattress protector has worked perfectly. Entire glasses of liquid have been spilled on it with absolutely no leak through. Trying to find out if it's safe to wash though..


We had a similar problem with Bobs. I would also never buy anything from the ever again.

Their customer service and "Goof Proof" is a joke. Strictly just a money maker for them.

Bob Cares

I'd like to see if we can get this rectified for you. Please send an email to Bobcares@mybobs.com and we'll be in touch soon. Thanks, Eric.