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I purchased two twin mattresses from Bob's for $598.00 which included a 15 year warranty. After following the proper care instructions, after two years they were sagging and lumpy. I called customer service and they promptly sent someone from the warranty department to look at them. He agreed that they indeed were no good and told me that I would get my full purchase price on these mattresses in the form of a store credit. He did say that I could use this for any items and did not have to use it for mattresses.

When we asked what we needed to do with these mattresses, he said that he provided the necessary documentation to Bob's and that we should simply discard them--they were not fit to use anymore. So we threw them away.

Mind you, about a month after this, I spent a half hour on the phone with a lovely woman in the customer service department speaking about this credit. Never once during this conversation--a month later--did she mention that this credit expired nor asked about the mattresses being returned. I was dealing with her about the credit being properly placed under the correct customer number--for some reason I had two, from a prior purchase.

So on Sunday, my husband and I, who have just purchased a new home and were also planning to purchase a set for our den and a bedroom set for us, went to pick out a pub table and server. I dealt with two very nice salespeople. Paid $200 on my credit card for the difference of the credit I had, which they saw in the system, for the price of the table and chairs. We were given our receipt and planned to pick up the items on Friday.

When we got home that evening, we had a message from Bob's saying that our credit was already "used" and it was no good. I don't understand why they could not see it in their system at the time of purchase but I figured this was just an error and I would call them the next day, on Monday.

This is where the *** begins...I called customer service first thing on Monday. Either I was disconnected or promised a return phone call which never came--this was promised at least FIVE times in the numerous phone calls I have made in three days. Not once would a manager or supervisor get on the line and refused to escalate my situation. These cowardly "managers" left the dirty work to the poor front person on the phones.

I was told to go to the website and write in the "Ask Bob" section, which I did, and still have received no response. I am told that the mattresses should have been returned, which I can certainly understand. But unfortunately, a representative of Bob's made a mistake by telling me differently, but I have to pay for this.

They have made no effort to contact me, no effort at resolution, and I am appalled at the level of customer service and lack of ownership they have shown in this situation. I feel they have stolen our money--and to think we were going to make more purchases there!

I believe they should make some sort of good faith effort at resolution to save my business and more importantly, my good will. Word of mouth is huge and I intend to be very vocal on this.

I may just be a small fish in this ocean, but I will persevere if nothing more than for nuisance value. I will file a claim with the Attorney General's office for both Massachusetts and New Hampshire--even if it takes years--I can wait. And I will continue to call the corporate office and utilize the website.

So, just a word of warning--there are way too many complaints about Bob's floating around--even if just half are valid, it is way too many! It would be worth your money to go to a more reputable furniture store who will stand behind their products and provide decent customer service.

Stay away from Bob's furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Actually for the amount of furniture Bob's sells the complaints are less then .01%

And usually you get only half the story.


BOB *** ***!



Of course, when I call CUSTOMER SERVICE, they tell me it is not their issue but the store's issue.

Are they going to RIP ME OFF for another $200????



Nice scam they got going huh? Telling you to throw away their junk so they won't have to pay you. Bob's is horrible and they sell ***!'

Good luck!!


Update: I was offered a store credit in the amount of $60, which of course is 10% of what is due me. I politely declined and have since filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office, both in New Hampshire. Should this not be resolved before we have to purchase another dining room set, I will be seeking a CASH refund.