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i just moved in to my very first apartment last month and purchased a living room set from bob's. of course, i was talked into getting the goof proof. while moving in i had to move my chaise lounge in to another room to make room for more furniture. the leather (fake leather) arms rubbed up against the door frame and the leather rubbed right off!!!

i called goof proof, filed my claim, and they said they'd send a guy out. black friday the technician comes by, looks at the furniture, takes some pics, and calls up his bob's headquarters. he puts me on the phone with the guy from the headquarters and the guy tells me if i want someone to fix/replace my furniture i have to call goof proof. i said "....i did..... that's why this technician is here...." he says "no that's not a goof proof tech, that's a bob's tech. we are two different companies and you are going to have to call goof proof and file a claim, not us." i said "I DID CALL GOOF PROOF AND FILE A CLAIM!! IF I DIDN'T HOW ELSE WOULD THIS MAN BE IN MY HOME LOOKING AT THE FURNITURE???!!! I CALLED THE NUMBER THAT'S RIGHT ON MY GOOF PROOF BROCHURE!" he said "....well, you might have pressed a wrong button on the goof proof menu options and been transfered to us instead of goof proof."

basically, he tried to make me doubt my button-pressing-abilities and we went back and forth for a while and the guy on the phone wasn't budging. just kept insisting i call goof proof and file a claim with them. i gave up arguing with him. i called goof proof right away - closed for black friday. closed on the weekend. called today and they told me since i already called and filed a claim i can't make another one. and the claim i filed previously was denied. and this claim i supposedly filed was for "pet damage". um, i live in a no-pets-allowed condo. i have none. and what happened to bob's telling me i never filed a goof proof claim if supposedly i filed one for pet damage?!

sounds very fishy to me!!! i think bob's intercepted my claim, sent out their own guy to document the damage, and bought themselves time to invent new ways to deny my actual goof proof claim. AND EVEN IF I HAD FILED FOR PET DAMAGE IT SAYS RIGHT ON THE BROCHURE THAT PET DAMAGE IS COVERED!!! such a horrible, horrible scam. i am making sure to let every single person i know that Bob's is a terrible company to do business with and goof proof is the biggest scam ever.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Bob Cares

I'd be happy to help out here. Please email me with your contact info at and we'll be in touch shortly..Thanks, Eric.