The Guardsman goof proof protection plan is a farce. Don't forget that besides your goof proof receipt for your warranty, you still have to keep your original furniture receipt.

Total Number of rooms furnished 4. Total Price of furniture 8368.00. Total value of my goof proof plan- WORTHLESS. There are some things you just should buy!

Here is my story: Delivery date was exactly as promised for 3 of the rooms, the 4th room came significantly later. Bob's did communicate well on this. Colorado Collection 1st sons room: My son left a fast food drink container on the desk overnight. It sweated and left a ring and from the cup and a circular mark from wear the waters sat, then dried.

The finish, which is a paper laminate peeled and bubbled in a couple of spots. It is actually just compressed wood with that fake paper laminate as I stated in the previous paragraph. Not to worry. I purchased the goof proof plan for the 4 rooms of furniture we bought.

The goof was on us. They classified the spill as two separate incidents. The spill itself would have been covered, but with the bubbling it shows 2 incidents over time and I now have a large mouse pad covering the spill. The night tables, though from the same collection were several shades of color off, as was the compressed board backing to the desk.

Bob's returned a few weeks later to change them out, and now they match. One of the night tables color matched the bedroom wall exactly too. No surprise there though. That was because they scraped it on the wall setting the room up.

They put that side facing the wall. I would not have noticed had the color of shading not been off that much Ridgedale Collection Dining Room Set: Decent quality, but extremely soft wood. If your children do their homework on the table with any thing but a soft marker, you will have an imprint. We covered the table in glass for 700.00.

So much for goof proof! Several of the Ridgedale dining room chair legs came loose within a week of delivery. I do not blame Bob's, it was their delivery crew who came and went as if they were double parked on a fire hydrant! We noticed the loose legs when we slid a chair back and the corner brace for the leg cracked.

NOT COVERED. They considered it a loose leg, and they don't come out to tighten legs. I had to go to Home depot and make the part myself. City Park Collection Desk Chair problem: My oldest son sat on his desk chair in his room He had on those new fangled jeans with the metallic pockets.

It scratched the chair in a v shaped pattern. When he heard the scratch, he got up, told his mom and dad. We sent in the pictures like they said. NOT COVERED.

Classified as two scratches over time, not one incident. The sliding back then forward on the seat I guess was 2 motions and therefore two incidents. Quantum 2 Power sectional Den. Overall a nice set.

A few days ago the hidden recliner release cord became more hidden as it snapped.

I am awaiting their response to this one. My hopes are not high, but I will update this as soon as I do hear back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Location: Edison, New Jersey

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Such a joke! DO NOT purchase goof proof!!!!!!!!

They find a way to make your claim not be covered!!! Because I had a shallow rip and not a deep one they would not fix my couch!


I have been being lied to and sent in circles by bobs and guardsman. This is a scam.

1) I hear a rip in recliner, so i look and find one under leg rest.

2) I immediately called guardsman.

3) They say they are going to send me a claims form.

4) Almost two weeks later I receive the form. I also noticed on the form it said that not including all info requested could void the claim.

5) I called guardsman and worked with the person on the line to make sure the claim was in fact complete and included everything they needed. Then mailed it out.

6) After not getting a response for over a week, I got frustrated and called guardsman.

7) Guardsman stated they didn't call me back because the want a picture. They never bothered to call me and tell me, they just wanted it. I don't own a camera so this was not possible.

8) I called bobs this time, THEY AGREED THAT GUARDSMAN FAILS, said not to worry they were going to send someone over to fix it.

9) The tech came here, looked at it , took a picture, said it can't be fixed because of where the tear was and this will be replaced.

10) Over one week goes by and no word from anyone so I call bobs back. The tech told me that I had to call guardsman back. I told the tech I didn't want to deal with them anymore please make the call. After the tech talked with her manager I was told to call guardsman they would have access to the picture now and would help me out. She said that she was sure I would get results this time.

11) Call back to guardsman, tech tells me same story, they need a picture and don't have the one bobs took. So they won't help me.

Going to the store tomorrow to see manager.


I'd like to see what we can do to make this right for you. If you'd contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric


:( I just spent the last two hours trying to get a straight answer from bobs and guardian. Unfortunately they don't consider the cable part of the reclining mechanism and the cable is not covered( purchased more than 1 year ago).

I'm going to the store to confront the manager on this. I will never buy or recommend bobs furniture because of this.

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