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I talked to customer service and they told me I can still buy a mattress for $100, to replace the horrible mattress my sleeper sofa came with 5 months ago. I had declined the offer then, but changed my mind.

Customer service told me to go to the store. I went to Bob's in Stamford, on Hope Street and to my surprise, they did not want to give me the mattress for 100, but for 200. They checked in the computer and told me that customer service did not make any note that I can still get the mattress for the price they offered me when I purchased the mattress. They agreed to sell it to me for that price, but they told me they will check and if it turns out that customer service never agreed to sell it for 100, I will have to pay the difference.

Now if a lady in customer service, who talks to hundreds of people a day, did not write what she promised me, how is she going to remember?

The cherry on the cake was the behavior of the sales person, and old man named SKIP. He had a very bad attitude and made me (a pregnant woman) feel very uncomfortable. I told him I want to pay cash, but after he did the paperwork (1 page), the lady at the cash register told me that if I change my mind by the time I get the delivery and want a refund a should pay by credit card.

When he heard that he needs to print another paper he was pissed off and told us that he needs to leave, as he has a doctor's appointment, so someone else should help us. One of the managers (Danny I think) was very nice and finished the transaction.

20 minutes later, SKIP was at the grocery store, taking his time. I did not now you can have doctor's appointments at the grocery store!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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PErhaps there was a reason they did not want to deal with you and wanted you out of the store. Could it be your attitude and rudeness?