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I don't really know where to begin. We basically furnished our new house at Bob's, spending over 10K.

The delivery was set up for Saturday the 7th of April and we got half the furniture. They even sent just the headboard for two of the 3 bedroom sets we ordered. The kitchen table was damaged as was one of the chairs. They sent the wrong piece of a sectional and left a few things off the delivery.

We called customer service they sent us to the store. Needless to say our salesmen supposedly screwed up the order and didn't order things right. That's the reason we were given as why we just got the headboards to our bedroom set. Seriously though who would just order only a headboard and not the rails and foot-board.

We were giving no discount and charged another 700 bucks. So now we are in for 11K with a new delivery set up for today the 11th. So the delivery truck shows up takes the two headboards like they were supposed to and give us the rest of our stuff. They have just a couch and loveseat and a chair which doesn't match our set.

So we are now still missing a dinning room table, one chair, two bedframes, a chest of drawers, part of our sectional and a living room chair. My wife spent another 40 mins on the phone with customer service and was told I don't know why that stuff didnt come. WTF? Seriously you don't know thanks for the help!

So now I have to *** another day of work on the 18th for the delivery. No I'm sorrys are given, no compensation is given, no anything. I guess I should feel lucky they didn't charge me more money for their screw ups. The customer service is horrible.

I work in customer service and if I handled my customers this way I would be out of a job. The reps are friendly I give them that but they don't know much. Good thing word of mouth travels fast because I will be sure to tell anybody I know to never shop at Bob's. I guess you get what you pay for.

Cheap prices shouldn't equal horrible service. I'm sure I left details off of this post as I am extremely frustrated at the situation.

When you spend over 10K at the store you would thing they would make things right. So long story short never go to Bob's Furniture in Rockville, MD

Doug and Fara Kidwell

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Bob Cares

Hello All,

I would be happy to address any concerns and make things right for all of you. If you'd contact me at I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.


You could easily spend over 10k there. They charge way to much for ***. They stole my money.


Why lie and say you spent over ten grand at Bob's? The stuff is all bargain basement garbage and you could buy one of everything in the store for 11k.

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