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So my wife and I go to buy a mattress. I was rejected for some reason for financing... I own a home, just bought a new car.... baffled by this. The salesperson was not the least helpful, unorganized and did not explain why I was not approved.

This really bothered me... I said to the salesperson, who's name was John... he wore glasses and had a ponytail... "John, I don't understand", I said, "I mean, I own a home, I just bought a new car, this doesn't make any sense"...his very rude reply, "oh, please, these days a 15 year-old can buy a car", I was so taken aback, I told the salesperson to forget it all entirely.

I plan to go to Jordans for the tax holiday. They are courteous and MY CREDIT IS GOOD THERE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Maybe you are over extended on your purchases of a home and Vehicle.The credit companies will not allow you to purchase more than your income can pay for.Why?Not just save your money and Pay cash for the mattress then you will have less bills to pay.


vanderbilt mortgage is very unethical. I became ill a few years ago and had to stop working.

the only income was my husband when we were use to having two incomes. dealing with these people was horrible. they were rude and called me a lier. insulted my intelligence.

made me feel like i was trash when i was actually on my death bed. i have little children and was in fear they would have no home. i understand what all these people are saying because i\'ve been there. they have lost money that was sent to them on my behalf.

just one other thing that company that sold us this repossed moblie home \"clayton homes\" out of lake charles louisiana agreed to do all the repairs that needed to be done to this trailor before it was delivered and they didn\'t. the walls had only primer on them the cabinets had no doors. the double insulated windows were broke and not replaced. the gacuzzi tube didn\'t work.

the hot water tank is still hooked up wrong and still to this day i can\'t find anyone who wants to work on it because it is a hassard to be electricuted. we really got screwed all the way around. the representative that sold us the mobile home did this escrow thing that we did not fully understand. now we are stuck.

he was suppose to record the last document signing with us so it would be documented and he so called didn\'t have a tape to record it. i would give anything to see this whole company and its employees have to pay for what they have done to innocent consumers.


Financing for furniture, no wonder we are in a 'credit crisis'.....


Well under most circumstances Bob's salespersons are very helpful and courteous, so you must have ran into a bad apple, or someone having a bad day.

In any event, you owning a home and a car are probably the very reasons you were denied.

If you know how credit scores work, and the way credit approval is decided, you would know that it is a balance between income and expinditures. I would then have to assume you simply do not make enough money to apply for further credit beyond the mortgage and auto-loan.


Bob's mattresses are no good anyway. And I agree that what he said was insulting.


As rude as John was he does have a good point.