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When my sales person sold me this goof proof insurance, he said it was for anything that went wrong with my furniture for 5 years. He said with me having 3 children it was a no brainer.

My son banged a hot wheel car on the new dining room table and caused a good 10 nicks in the wood. When I called to report it, they said since it was repeated (as in my son hit the table 10 times) I should have been able to stop it so it wasn't covered.

When I tried to contact Bob's, I was transferred all over creation and spent way too many hours on hold. I also used their online contact tool which states you will receive a call within 24 hours.

BS! I filled out that *** form every day for 2 weeks and still have not received a call from them.

Nice customer service eh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I also had the same issue where the backs of our Sectional broke with 1 yr and 1/2 and the goof proof won't fix them because it wasn't an accident its a manufacture issue. If I said I broke them during a move they would have to fix them.

What a big joke and unbelievable waste of money.

Don't ever buy from Bobs Discount Furniture.


Do Not pay for Goof Proof insurance. This is a BIG scheme.

They will not repair the damages that occur to the furniture and the customer sales rep twist your words to create a loophole! Shame on Bobs for affiliating themselves with such frauds!


You people are all a bunch of dopes. I think maybe this fraudulent hebe's commercials are taking your minds off the fact that its DISCOUNT furniture.

Have fun buying the furniture again. The cheapskates will NEVER learn, and lowest common denominator corp america will continue to flourish.


I spent well over 3500 at bobs between a living room set and dining room table and chairs. Everything but the leather couch and loveseat are falling apart.

When I called the to use my goof proof insurance, the lady told me that because the bottom shelf and drawers on my end and coffee tables were just breaking, and it wasn't a direct accident causing it to break, they weren't covered. She also said I had to report it within 72 hours.

BS! :(


Goof Proof insurance is a waste! Don't spend your money...poor customer service...I called about a tear in my couch and was told I needed to fill out paperwork - which I did and returned - a few weeks later I received a call saying I needed to contact them as they had questions.

I called (after a 10 minute wait) answered their quetions then was told that it was over 10 days past the date I said the incident occured. so sorry :(


:cry they told me the same thing I should have stopped them

They told you teh same thing as? everyone else?


My two children jumped on the arm of the couch and pulled the fabric away leaving a big hole in it and they told me the same thing I should have stopped them

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