Phoenix, Arizona
Not resolved

Bought a reclining love seat 18 months ago. The right side *** plastic pull handle broke 5 weeks ago.

Sent a check and form for parts on 12/2/09 to their service department. Was told on the phone today 1/6/2010 it's a 4 month wait. The left side *** plastic handle broke two weeks ago. They made it like it was my fault because I didn't buy the extra warranty.

It's 18 months old! Will probably send it to the dumpster and buy a new one from someplace else with better qaulity, service and reputation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $695.

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What due u exspect u *** low life wallmart shoppers, u buy a sofa , 2 chairs and an ottoman for a 1000.oo.And u think ur getting quality? ur all bottom feeders.

@Eat *** BOB

You cannot even spell WalMart correctly. Loser.


i went thrue 4 bedroom sets 2 kitchen tables a couch and a coffe table all less than a year the table broke in half while holding only easter dinner customer service wont replace anything bob *** ***


also bought a black furniture leather set with reclining ends.brackets now broke for 2nd time on couch waiting almost 2 weeks for a tech to come out to look at them, took the day off and now telling me today was never scheduled and will get back to me. JUNK!