Lawrence, Massachusetts

Waited all day for furniture to arrive which was supposed to be there at 10 am. Didn't arrive until 6 pm.

When they finally got there, they asked if I had an electric screw driver since I was the last stop and the battery was dead. WEll it took about 20 mins to figure out what they were asking for because neither of the two *** hardly spoke english, or understood it.

They put the bed set together wrong, it was so loose that I didn't trust having my son sleep on it. I called the main office to complain, all they did was offer me a $50.00 gift certificate.

Bob's has nothing to offer, *** furniture, service, employees, and commercials. I'm ashamed that I even went there, I just figured that I would savve some money on my son's bedroom set since I would be buying another one in a few years anyway.

I will never buy another thing from there. I can't even stand to see a Bob's delivery truck, and the commercials, OMG, the second the commercials comes on I have to change the channel, it's so annoying. Bob you must be making money with all the screwing over your doing too consumers, why don't you get a make over, or do something with yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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yes my question is why isnt the company organization and forgetable? from day one when i purchased the furniture i had some problems.

one of the draws from the dresser came defective. why wasnt it replace during the delivery or checked? I had a broken headbroad come to my house the day of the deivery, now for something like that a new headbroad should have been delivered the next day but instead it came within a week. Today they delivered the headbroad but instead they missed some pieces.

Now they have to come within another week to fix the bed and wait for another delivery after this one to fix the dresser.

I had purchase this furniture like a month ago, now i have to wait another month for everything to be done. this is unexceptable because when i order something i would like to get all of my items in one day not a month like your employees are doing to me.


We purchased a "leather" couch set from Bob's. We didn't expect it to last for ever at the cheap price we paid.

LESS than ONE YEAR LATER the seams were coming apart and the "leather" was rubbing off. I literally was picking up chunks of fabric off my floor!! My previous set from Jordan's was used heavily and in great structural condition. I had made the mistake of buying light furniture and that was the only reason I bought a new set.

FALLING APART after several months. I will NEVER go to Bob's again.

What a complete waste of money. :cry


Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. You know, Bob's has an ALL DAY delivery service, as it states in numerous writings including just above the signature line on thye sales receipt you signed, so don't act like it is some national tragedy.

And secondly, if they told you the time window was 10-1 (not exact time is given, like 10am... it is a 3 hour window) then there is NO WAY you would have been the last stop... more than likely your time window was 1-4 if you were indeed the last stop. Secondly, if you were really calling the Customer Care Department about the bed being assembled wrong, they would have sent a team out there to re-assemble to bed, so I can only assume that you rejected this idea - as they would not have offered a GC without fixing the problem first.

And it's nice to hear you are "ashamed" to have been a customer at Bob's... what's interesting though, is that many companies in New England including places like Jordans and IKEA, not only sell much of the same furniture, they also use the same delivery services that Bob's does.

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