New Haven, Connecticut

I bought a sleeper sofa from Bob's Discount Furniture and I was given a day and 3 hour window for delivery. On the day of delivery I was told my furniture would arrive between 06:45 and 09:45 hrs.

I waited until 10am and called asking where my furniture was and I got a 20 minute run around. I was finally told my furniture would be at my home by 12 noon. I waited until 1230pm and I called aagain to a different *** who came back on the phone and said my order was on a different truck and this truck would have my merchandise but it would be the last delivery of the day and I should expect my furniture no later than 2pm. I called at 2pm and asked again where my furniture was and I was told that my furniture had already been delivered.

I had to take a vacation day from work which cost me holiday pay at about a cost to me of approx. 500 dfollars. At 5:30 pm I called back and asked if my furniture was coming at all and I was told that it was not and that it was left at the warehouse by accident, but that a rep had called my house and explained this in a message left by the rep. There was no phone call or message left.

I WAS LIED TO MULTIPLE TIMES BY THE INCOMPITANT STAFF AT BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE and when I asked for compensation some wise *** from there corporate office attempted to give my an additional 10% off the purchase price. Stay away from Bob's Discount Furniture, they lie, deceive and when they screw up they take no responsibility. They Suck

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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My first thought was similar to Derek's comment. How can a person with such poor grammatical skills manage to earn $500/day? Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work!


Regarding the original post, I don't understand why someone who makes $500/day would shop at Bobs in the first place.


Avoid Bob's like the plague if you expect professionalism in your delivery (in particular). My story is long and ugly...the highlight is that the delivery guys show up, only to tell me that the fireplace I ordered, which is on the truck, is damaged and that I will be contacted with another delivery date.

Fifteen minutes later, my phone's the delivery guys, wanting directions to my house because they're lost. Yes, folks, it's a dog and pony show! Steer clear of Bob's...I still don't have resolution and, based on the comments I'm reading here, I can't cancel this order fast enough. not another furniture store.

And, trust me, I'm not a disgruntled employee or competitor. I'm just someone who happened to see a fireplace in Bob's she liked.



I recently ordered a dining room set from Bob's. On the day of delivery, I pulled up to my house to see that the delivery truck was sitting at my house and that my server was sitting on the carport with a drill sitting on top of it (they are lucky that it didnt scratch it).

They delivery men brought my boxed table inside and asked why I didnt have any chairs. I told them, because you are supposed to deliver them with the table. They had no record of my chairs. Anyways, to make a long story short.

I called the store and they said that they had a problem with the distributor and that my chairs are all of a sudden on backorder and they aren't sure when they will be delievered. I told them, well what the *** am I supposed to do now?

Its 2 days until Thanksgiving and I have NO chairs! I am so pissed right now.



My experience with most discount furniture stores is: "You get what you pay for." If your looking to fill empty unused rooms in your home these discount stores: EG: Bob's, Bernie and Phyls are the place to shop. If your looking for real quality and durability then take your business to Jordan's this is more an investment than throwing your money away. I'm also impressed at all Jordan's gives back to so many worthy charitable causes!


I agree with previous person marc Raduzzo. I too purchased a sofa sleeper sectional from nanuet, ny store a year ago got a tear in the pillow on April 13, 2010 and was told on August 19,2010 the part was NEVER ordered. Now I am waiting for a NEW Sofa Sleeper, csn't get through to store!


i bought a new sectional sofa from bobs in nanuet ny. first the salesman was a vulture and lurked around my wife and i.

then we found something we liked. we bought it along with the salesmens pitch about goof proof warenty. we bought that as well. the total price for everything was a little over 2000.00.

well 3 weeks later the sofa got a tear in it and i was told it was covered under my warenty, great i said. it is 9 months later and still no part for my sofa i am going to get a lawyer and sue them to get my money back.

bobs customer service sucks and they *** lie. so i say *** YOU BOBS


i just wanted to find out about bob's quality but most of the people here have issues with the delivery.. can nay body tell how is the quality before i buy..


I suspect competition employees whining here.


I've been exchanging furnature since the end of June. This will be my 8th time.

This is my daughters bedroom set. How do you tell your 5 year old that her room can not get put back together because parts of her furnature is missing?

I ve just about had it!!!! I will be contacting the medis about this one!


purchased bedroom set for 87 yr old mom who is gone into assistant living .didn't have the privalige of measuring the room purchased bench with set .bedroom goyt delivered .but nite stand to be delivered later when furniture was in room. the bench didn't allow walker to go around bed called to return bench still in plastic when delivering nite stand .they won't credit my card but will give me store credit .don't want it .don't want to do business with bob 's anymore if you read return policy it say's you may recieve gift card not you must or shall it's in my card holders hands now


I also was lied to about my deliever times. they didnt deliever it, but they did give me a 75$ gift card.


There is just too much going on here to comment on it all, but I did want to point out something said by a follow-up Poster 'KB' who makes the ridiculous claim;

"He indicated to me that the furniture was being assembled by illegal immigrants for Bob's furniture."

For your information, guy, and for everyone who had to read your garbage - Bob's Discount Furniture does not manufacturer it's own merchandise, they are a retailer only, and the only people who "assemble" anything, are delivery teams who assemble knobs and legs and things onto merch while in a customers home. So the idea that illegal aliens are making Bob's furniture is a lovely ruse, but a completely asinine try.


Some how your spelling and lack of proper diction suggests to me that a single day away from work doesn't actually cost you $500. (The word is spelled "incompetent".) And that exaggeration leads me to believe other issues here might have suffered similarly. But really what you are complaining about is the delivery service - not the company's product.


well ML, and "the nothing" above you.......not everyone has all the cash you obviously don't have...dummy's! even cheaper items should at least be worth what you pay for them!

and i do not know what planet you are on, but 599 is not chump change! many people could build a f*ckin house full of furniture themselves for that price, ***, do you pay taxes? or work for your money? many people everywhere have the same things in their home, and they are NOT FALLING APART ON THEM...hmmmmm why is that?

the people who make the sofa's and stuff put hard work into it, and some times a few companys just get greedy and skip on the quality materials, that is how these 599 sofa set's fall apart so *** fast...!!! they did not do that a few years ago...because these companys were bulding up their reps, and wanted people to think quality is associated with their company.......and then after a few years they started replacing the quality with cr@p! duh! well, if you are this ignorant about this, you must be either the @ssholes working for bob's and or the other company's, or you own just my tiny little opinion of @ssholes like you, who bleed every dime you can from the working man and woman of this great country!

why not huh? you already are a bunch of low life lizzards, how much space is there between people like you and the ground anyway?

just breath out slightly you will hit bottom in one second..... go boston! dumb@ss


ML is right on.   What is wrong with you people!  What do you do for a living?  Suppose I wanted you to work for half of what you normally work for - would you still provide quality work - *** no!Wake up.  Stop bargain shopping yourself to death.  Buy quality - Buy made in USA or you won't have jobs to buy furniture anywhere!


you people on all these message boards are so ***. bob's carries alot of the same brands that jordan's, bernie and phyl's and cardi's carries.

so when u buy a bedroom set for 599, expect a bedroom set worth 599.

STOP BEING CHEAP AND SPEND A LITTLE MORE! bob's isn't in the top 10 in the country for nothing.


I work with an exotic lumber importer who was formerly located in Millis, MA. One time when I visited the old mill building in which they were located the building was being prepared for permanent closure.

I walked into the 2nd floor looking for my guy and instead found dozens of non english speaking guys sloppily assembling furniture. They looked frazzled that they had been discovered and I was frazzled at the working conditions before my eyes. It was a furniture sweat shop of the highest order. I left in amazement and located the guy I was looking for.

He indicated to me that the furniture was being assembled by illegal immigrants for Bob's furniture. I asked if it was an illegal operation and he laughed out loud saying "yeah, you could say that"! Those workers must have lungs that are half full of dust...

What a dark, dirty, disgusting dump. AND THATS THE WAY IT IS!


We bought a queen size sleeper sofa. When they delivered it there was nothing for the legs to screw into.

We called customer service and they said they couldn't send anyone out for 5-6 days. We asked them to deliver a new one. They couldn't do that for 4 days. We told them to come and pick it up and credit our account.

They came that afternoon and picked it up. The delivery person told us they are always picking up damaged furniture that they deliver. 2 days later I checked and they hadn't credited our account. I called the store and they said they were waiting for us to call so that they could deliver a new one.

I told them that they were supposed to credit our account. The person on the other end said fine and immediately hung up the phone. So here's the end of the story, we ordered from Bernie & Phyl's. Got the sleeper bed the next day.

Much better quality and for the same price. Will we go back to Bob's - -"I DOUBT IT".


sounds like you have a *** job with no for you...10% off is great went to a discount furniture store genius what did you expect