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I purchased furniture at Bobs Furniture in Woodbridge NJ. I was badgered into paying an extra $100 for the Goof-Proof insurance!!!

What a rip-off!! They don't tell you how many hoops you need to jump through to submit a claim. When someone Finally came my claim was denied and to top it off my coffee table was removed from the policy!!! The sales lady said I should get the coverage for the table alone!!

I have asked for a corporate number or address to let Bob himself know just how horrific this experience has been but never given one. The sofa is of extremely poor quality and I will NEVER go back there again and would warn EVERYONE and ANYONE I can to avoid Bob at all Costs!!!! I don't know why I was so surprised to see so many other complaints and dissatisfied customers. Well at least I am not alone.

I wonder if we could collectively file a class action against Bob. I know a little about the law from a paralegal course I took and have many friends that are attorneys that would be happy to help.

Anyone willing to get involved email me at or call me at 732-589-4616. Denise Moroski South River NJ

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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I purchased the goof proof for a leather sofa. It got all messed up and they replaced it no questions asked.

gave me the option of replacing what I already had or to find something else.


DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PLAN!!! I hold Bob's responsible for pushing this plan on their customers.

I was on hold for 1 hr, then 30 min., then 45 min. with Guardian, the insurance company that provides this coverage, and never did get to talk to anyone. Bob's should do the right thing and disassociate themselves from this "goof proof" scam. I also had a switch on one of the recliners go bad and was told since it was out of warranty, (we have owned the furniture for two years) it would cost $40 for the switch and if I wanted a technician to install it, that would be an additional $79.

So I guess I can expect to keep putting more money in this piece of garbage I would assume is made in China.

In the competitive world of furniture retail, I would think Bob's would be more on top of their game. By the way I forked out $250 for this SCAM!


I bought a living room set from them. My daughter got sick and threw up juice on the couch, staining it.

I filed a claim to have them come clean it or replace the cushion.

They came within a couple days and it was like new again. 5 years later and ive still got the great living room set that im going to sell and plan on buying a new one from them.


:( we bought a sectional recliner from bobs almost. Year ago when u sit in one of the. Recliners u can feel th wood coming through when u recline also there is scratches on the leather part all says it covered but when I called GOOF PROOF they said it wasn't coverd it's only coverd if u can see stuffing coming out!i will not ever buy anything from this place they are a croc of ***!and fake as *** :sigh


This is totally ridiculous. I fell for the proof myself and after speaking to a rep named ruby this morning to explain what happened to a mirror i bought for almost a thousand dollars she said my claim was denied and simply hung up. The Goof Proof is pure FRAUD.Wished there was a way to warn other customers!!!!!!!!!


I read this board before sending in my claim to Guardsman (my purchase was not under the current Guardian as it was purchased in 2009) and was expecting the worst outcome possible. Clearly you MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and your damage MUST BE within the scope of coverage.

You can’t just make a call and expect them to just replace your item. Your car insurance doesn't work that way.

I called within the allotted time frame from the date of damage. Received my forms, COMPLTETED THEM (this seems to be the biggest issue as per Guardsman is that people do not fill out the forms correctly). Sent them in immediately as there is a STRICT turnaround time.

I called then in 5 days to see if they received my mail. They did and said they would call me when reviewed.

They followed up with me as promised. Offered me a replacement on my chest of drawers (only the glass top needed to be replaced, but they could only order the chest with the glass) Even offered me a reasonable price to buy back the item as it was still useable for 50 bucks.

The torn headboard required an adjuster to come out to see if it was repairable. He came the scheduled day. Guardsman called me and informed me the headboard would be replaced 7/13/11 and it was. The chest will be derived 7/16/11.

If you read your policy and follow instructions the process works. But if damage is done that is not covered why would you expect it to be covered because of your own carelessness and allowing furniture to be used in a way it was not meant to be used.

If you jumped through the hoops as you say you did you wouldn’t have any reason to be pissed.


Bob's "Goof Proof" is only worth the paper it is written on, don't waste your money.


I just went through the BBB to Bob's because The Goof Proof claims have not fixed the couch. The plan was purchased from Bob's so they should to stand behind it rather than washing their hands of it!

The frame breaks on the couch and loveseat. It is the poorest quality wood full of knots so it is no surprise it continues to break repair after repair.

The charmer from Bob's customer service stated 'If an acura breaks you have to blame the mechanic' REALLY. The initial problems are the product itself.

Bob's must truly bank on the fact that most people just throw their hands up and walk away!


I bought a sofa from Bobs and it came apart at thr seems. Like everyone else I bought the goof proof.

It took them months to review my claim then they wouldn't fix it. Them said that the seem came apart because of being rough on the sofa. I didn't have kids then, I was pissed.

My mom ended up fixing it for me. I wont buy from them again.


This guy is full of *** !!!! BOB's has not changed a thing!!!

They used Guardian then and NOW!!! Ed who ever works at Bob's of course he is going to try and stick it to the consumer who just got their Tax Check back from the IRS!! Don't waste your money Bob is a crook and so are their employees who lie like this clown!!!

"Bobs uses Guardian now...not guardsman. The plan works really well if used correctly.

Most of Bobs employees purchase the goof proof on furniture that they buy. I work for Bobs and I bought all my furniture from Bobs.

Fantastic look for the price.....and the goof proof works. Have had for 5 years."


Bobs uses Guardian now...not guardsman. The plan works really well if used correctly.

Most of Bobs employees purchase the goof proof on furniture that they buy. I work for Bobs and I bought all my furniture from Bobs.

Fantastic look for the price.....and the goof proof works. Have had for 5 years.


Bob's Lover, perhaps someday if you get hard-earned money stolen from you by a company that continues to do it to others you'll feel differently. The people with no life are the ones that go to work each day for Guardsman with the sole intent to steal our money and treat us with disrespect.


My Husband and I purchased a bedrooms set that cost us nearly 3 grand exactly 1 year ago. It was beautiful and exactly what we wanted.

As many others have reported we too were pressured into getting the Goof Proof so as many of the unsuspecting customers we too fell victim to this scam. In April 2010 I filed a claim for my queen size headboard. It took Guardsman or Valspar what ever their name is a month and a half to follow through with my claim. I get a call stating that the headboard is covered under the insurance and that they will be replacing my headboard.

2 days later I get a call stating that my furniture has been discountinued and that I can get a store credit for $288 and stay with the headboard, sell them the headboard for $70 and still get the $288 or just stay with my headboard broken the cost of the repair being $80. If we opt to get the credit we have to find something within 60days or it's null....I searched in hopse that perhaps we could find a piece that matched as best as such luck. Of course it's a set thats why..but I tried. I called Bob's customer service and got no help they basically told me it was out of their hands and refered me back to Guardsman.

At this point I flipped and the Customer Service rep that was assisting me " Nancy" tells me that she will contact the manufacturer because sometimes they have luck dealing with them directly. She said she would get right back to me I got a call 2 days later and Bob's stated that the manufacturer did not have any and that they could not assist me. I am furious and can not believe that Bob's has such poor customer service and Guardsman is no better. We pay all this money and are ripped off.

I plan on filing a complaint with BBB on both Bob's and Guardsman as this is defintely not what I was told when I purchased my furniture. As of yet the issue remains ongoing!!!!!!


Count me in on the lawsuit. (


Bob's Goof proof is a total Fraud. They need to be sued or reported!!


Bobs Furniture seems to have 1 complaint filed per week. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed against this company and perhaps they loose their license to do business!

I just recently had a terrible experience which I will be documenting. I urge all of you out there to reach out to the Better Business Bureau as somehow this company has been under the radar with 0 documented complaints with the BBB and so many legitimate angry Bob's consumers. Head over to their website at htp:// and file a complaint.

"Historically, over 70% of complaints filed through BBB are resolved. In some cases, BBB mediation or arbitration may be offered to assist in resolution." --BBB


I stumbled across this website while searching for a number to call and complain about this "Goof Proof" scam.The only Goof was me for actually believing it would be honored.Am I too late to join the class action suit?


just got off the phone with Bobs regarding the 100 goof-proof. I got my bedroom set on 9-22-09, my bed broke on 10-10-09.

I called gaurdsman like I was told to do. They emailed me a form to mail back, I did so next day mail, they didnt process the form for 3 days. Then I called to check on progress of claim, they said it would be another 24 hrs before it would be complete. Then it would take another 3 weeks for someone to come look at it to decide whether it can be fixed or replaced!!

My mattress and boxspring has been on the floor for 3 weeks now, and only had the furniture for 5 weeks!!!! Bobs said I can get a refund on the goof proof, and would be done in 3 days, its now been 1 week and 3 days, and they didnt even PROCESS it yet i was just told!!!

I am told that it will be processed today by 3pm, and I will get a call at 3pm. I am SERIOUSLY UNHAPPY WITH BOB'S CUSTOMER SERVICE, FURNITURE, AND GOOF PROOF PLAN!!!!


Yes please count me in for your class action lawsuit against bobs discount furniture and goof proof plan I too bought furniture from them and was told by sales person that if ever Bobs cannot repair or replace the piece that we can go in and choose a new bedroom set and this is the reason with took the goof proof plan (GUARDSMAN) from them. Now they discontinue furniture and want me and my wife to go and select only a footboard and headboard from a different set which means that i will have mix matched furniture in my bedroom.

Me and my wife furnished our entire home from them. For all that want to be involved in class action lawsuit please email


Thanks for all your complaints..I was actually considering buying my couch from Bobs until I read all of these.