Plymouth, Massachusetts

I bought one of bob's bedroom sets. An actual set consisting of 9 pieces that they advertise.

Instead of getting the 11 piece that one NEEDS to completely assemble the bed because of course I didn't know any better and my sales rep didn't speak english clearly enough for me to understand her let alone ask questions. Anyways the installers have been to my home about five times now because the first installers just drilled away into my headboard connecting the frames. Since then I have spent countless hours talking to customer service, visiting the store, setting up appointments, and watching the delivery persons, all to be told that I need a 20 dollar mounting bracket. They set up an even exchange and sent me the bracket.

Today I watched the people just hook up the bracket but no replacement headboard they messed up. My headboard looks like *** with all the holes from where the screws kept popping out and taking chunks of my headboard with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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