Hudson, Massachusetts

After much research we decided to get a Bob o Pedic memory foam gel mattress. My husband has acid reflux and his doctor has told him that elevating the bed would help.

Because of this we looked into an adjustable bed. I had some concerns that it would fit up my staircase - we had a split box spring because of this. When we went to look at the mattresses I brought up my concern to both the salesman and to one of the floor managers. They both assured me that the adjustable base folded up and it would be a problem.

They even said it folded so small that it could fit into a closet. I was still a little weary but when the manager confirmed this we went with it. Fast forward to today when they showed up to deliver the bed. The delivery men asked to see where they were moving it to and said they weren't sure it would fit.

Believe it or not they figured it out and got it upstairs after several times and a bit if damage to the wall. I haven't even slept on the bed yet but I would be weary of anything the salespeople tell you at Bob's.

Even the delivery people said that they would say anything to get a commission. Shame on you Bob's for allowing your staff to lie just for a sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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