Milford, Massachusetts
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Bobs furniture is a complete joke. Bought a bobopedic bed from them 5 years ago with a "15 year" warranty.

My husband is sleeping in a huge hole on his side of the bed. A service tech came out and placed a 1# board across his side of the bed to "measure the indentation". Please tell me how a 1# board is comparable to a 265# man laying on the bed???? I truly do not understand their rationalization how we do not qualify for a new bed.

The hole is clearly visible and the tech laid in it! But because of their archaic ways of "measuring" the hole isnt deep enough. I am beyond dissapointed in Bob's and their lack of customer service.

I will never purchase another thing from them. Future buyers BEWARE! 

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I'm assuming the tech used a board to give a flat surface from which to measure the depth of the indentation. I've heard of a string and tape measure being used.

The tech should have told you how deep the hole was and how deep it had to be to be covered under the warranty. But yeah, perhaps 265# is too much for that particular mattress.


Miss, have you stop to think that maybe your husband needs to loose some weight.. 265 lbs is a bit heavy for mattress ..