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Bought a sofa and chair from Bob's.Paid for the Goof Proof Plus service. Less than 2 years or use the sub-standard cushions were flat and we were sitting 2 inches lower than the chair. Called for service tech told us he needs to have 3 new cushions ordered. That took 6 weeks. Had a tech out on Wednesday to put them in the covers. They looked deformed nothing like a cushion should look. I called back and was told another tech would be out on...
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I didn't like
  • Being treated like garbage
  • Bobs total failure to react to my issue
We purchased a Maggie sofa for our living room a few years back and we're very happy with the purchase and delivery. The cushions have become problematic, as the springs became unmanaged and the sofa is now very uncomfortable to sit on. Since this is the central point of our living room and an important place for family and guests to feel comfortable, we wanted to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We contacted Bob customer service and...
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Anonymous Exactly what happened to us! Cushions are utter garbage!!!! Springd poking through cushions after only a few months!!! 5 month lead time??? WTF???? Maybe if Trump gets in he'l...

I didn't like
  • Poor workmanship spring design five month lead time on parts