Haverhill, Massachusetts

Our entire experience with Bob's has been nothing less than a nightmare from delivery to now! We are first time "new furniture buyers" Delievery Day 3 men pull up in a truck not very friendly nor helpful off the bat, they refused to bring our Mattress up our front stairs because there was something in the way we offered to just move it real quick and they explained to us that by policy they could not do that and we would have to bring it up ourselves, oooook whatever!

So they bring up our sectional (our horrible horrible sectional) and the $600 canopy bed we bought for our daughter! They go on to tell us that because they spent so much time on trying to get the mattress up that we exceeded our allotted time slot and we could either pay them an extra $50 to stay and put the bed together or we can call Bob's to extend the time Delievery time for extra $75 I declined and said I would put it together myself! So they were here all of 30 mins managed to only bring up a couch and a bed in pieces which was thrown on my daughters floor and left my California King Mattress and bedframe in the drive-way for us to deal with! Needless to say I was fuming I called Bob's and were "kind" enough to reimburse us the original $50 delivery charge form our almost $4,000 balance!

We purchased the Libre II 2 piece sectional which I would never recommend to ANYONE! I'm a neat freak and keep my furniture meticulous and the cushions were all sunken in within 3 months, they cushions don't stay on I'm constantly fixing them after EACH use! It's been a year now and the couch looks 5 years old, the cotton underneath it is all coming down, I'm just so discouraged I was so excited about these new EXPENSIVE purchases! Now our mattress, we spent hours trying different mattresses, I have back problems and sciatica so finding a matress that would help me sleep more comfortably was very very important!

We finally loved the display matress the Bob-o-pedic pillow top in plush it was the most expensive mattress on the floor too but if it was going to give relief and a great nights sleep price didn't matter! Needless to say my back pain has gotten worse I wake up several times at night in so much pain due to the mattress it feels nothing like the one at the store it feels firm not plush even my husband who could sleep soundly on a bed of rocks wakes up atleast 4 times a night because he's so uncomfortable! So we ended up spending a pretty penny on furniture and mattress to make our lives easier and it's done nothing but make our lives a nightmare! We don't sleep, I'm constantly fixing the couch to sit comfortably to watch tv, my daughters canopy had to come down because it was such terrible quality!

What a disaster!

I will never buy from Bob's again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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