Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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I didn't believe the previous comments until I experienced bobs myself. They're a piece of *** company need a whole staff of new workers.

I bought a 1200 mattress Sunday that was suppose to be delivered Wednesday. Well today is Wednesday and no mattress so I have been calling all day. Sit on the phone the first time for almost 2 hrs for a lady to tell me that it was coming and it'll be soon so I'm waiting even longer come 4:30pm still no mattress I call back and insist to speak with a manager well I'm on hold again for almost an hour finally get in touch with someone who puts me on hold for a half hour to go get their manager. Just for the manager to get on the phone and say that the lady lied to me just to get off the phone because her shift was almost over and that they screwed up my delivery and now I have to wait until Saturday.

This is such *** and terrible customer service and a joke of business they don't deserve to have a commercial on tv. I just bought a house and you bet your *** I am not filling it with ANYTHING from bobs furniture they lost a good customer who would have bought a lot of things. Well needless to say I am going to rotmans where they don't *** up and will deliver it when it's suppose to.

Can kiss that 1200 mattress goodbye !!! Bobs furniture sucks!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I bought $5000.00 worth of furniture a month ago still in my room until assembled, waiting for hardware