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Horrible delivery service!!! Ordered living room set on April 10, 2016 and decided to have it delivered on the 23rd which was a Saturday.

Our scheduled time for delivery was 12 to 4! By two noticed still no truck checked invoice and saw contact number which was my cell was wrong but I had left my home number as second contact! Called company to explain situation told me truck had come at 12 called wrong number got no answer and left never called my home number. Customer apologized told me truck would return in an hour.

An hour went by still no truck called again truck would be there by four asked if certain was told with all certainty that it woul be there! Now I've taken all my old furniture into my basement sitting on my floor since Thursday! At five company calls to say they screwed up with the emails and they didn't go through to the driver and they took the product back to the warehouse. They speak apologized for the inconvenience and promised to compensate me and rescheduled for Tuesday the 26th between 12 and 4.

Told the rep that time I'm still at work because I own a luncheonette by to call when the truck was nearby so my wife who runs it with me could get home. We literally live five minutes away. At 12:20 driver called but I got no response at 12:22 company called to let me know the truck was there. Informed lady on the phone my wife would be there in five to six minutes tell the driver not to leave!

At 12:30 my wife calls to tell me truck is leaving down our street with her yelling at the driver to stop! I call company mind you while at work tell rep after going through punching number gamut to tell the driver to go back and she tells me she can't because they don't have a phone which I know is a lie! We go back and forth with me getting more incensed and her disconnecting the call! I call back get another rep and go through the same spiel with her!

No help just reschedule she tells me which I tell her Ive been sitting on the floor for five days now! I ask to talk to a supervisor after ten minutes the supervisor tells me the same bunch of baloney! I finally tell her that I would cancel the order of I don't get my furniture by today which she calmly says ok well cancel your order. I plead with her again saying that since I had a four hour window why not come back after the other routes are done!

Her response was that I was the last stop and they have gone home for the day!! I told her if I was the last stop why not have the driver wait for a few extra minutes if he had no other stops that day! She told me that was their policy and at that point I cancel the order! No customer service whatsoever!

When I get home I take my sales order and drive to the store where I bought the furniture on Orange, CT! I talk to the manager there, Louis. He immediately takes control of the situation! He apologizes for the inconvenience waives my delivery fee tells me he has to reinstate the canceled order which would take some time and he would call me and email me with new invoice and new delivery date!

True to his word one of his employees Kathleen calls confirms order and sends confirmation order with adjusted price! Great job! Delivery is schedule for Thursday the 28th. I'm sitting on my living room floor writing this!

Good luck with the delivery!! The people at the Orange store get an A plus, two delivery reps and account supervisor in Manchester, CT FFFFFFFF

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Account manager, Delivery service.

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Was given a two hour window for delivery. Left my job to be at home.

1.75 hrs into wait time was told that item wasn't on truck. Oooooops! Customer service rep could not have cared less about the inconvenience. Said sure, I could reschedule for a Saturday delivery.

First available Saturday? In three weeks! Outrageous. Maybe Bob needs to be a little more hands on with his business.

Would never recommend his store.

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