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Add me to the list of Bob's bed bug infested furniture. Buyer Beware! I purchased a 4 piece bedroom set in March 2016 and we just discovered in August 2016 bedbugs everywhere under the mattress, in the screws, in the underneath storage drawers, on the floor, in the dresser drawers, and etc. It was awful! Entire bedroom infested. There is fecal matter all over the slats of the bed. This bed does not require a box spring. The bed, when we removed the mattress, wasn't even assembled properly. Also, the mattress which they claim is the best all around is another line of theirs. It's only 5 months old and is sagging in the center.

I called Bob's and they claim their warehouse and delivery trucks are clean and they set traps. I told a highly reputable extermination company what they said and their reply was, there is no such thing.

Also, they take everyone's old mattress when they deliver a new one and furniture. Not a very sanitary way of a guarantee of not getting an infestation of bed bugs.

I have tried to talk to them and have been given the run around. This is the kicker right here, in May 2016 I purchased a sofa and ottoman.....Guess what? Yes, bedbugs! No, they didn't come from their warehouse is what they claim. I don't believe it for a minute. I have to pay an exterminator 1700.00 to get rid of their screw up. They need to be a reputable company and step up to the plate and quit blaming someone else and help the consumers who purchased their infested merchandise. Period!

Bob's Furniture, how would you feel if you or one of your loved ones were getting bed bug bites and seeing the bugs, blood and fecal matter? Disquisting, that's right!

I'm not letting this issue slip away. This has got to stop!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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