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On Aug. 20 I helped my daughter purchase her first piece of furniture.

I advised her to buy from Bobs after watching his ads and knowing that his prices were reasonable and supposedly he stands behind what he sells. You know - the no gimmick store???

She chose a sectional. First of all, the only color in stock was off white. To get any color would have been a 6-8 week wait.

Since she had no furniture, that was not an option. We were told by the salesman not to worry, if we purchased the goof proof plan it would cover any stains we could not get out, yes, even nail polish and even a tear or a burn was covered. 5 days after receiving the furniture, my daughter tripped over a table and the candle she had just blown out fell onto the sectional. We called to put in a claim.

The procedure, we found out, was that we had to mail the claim and specifically diagram where and what the stain was. After they received it, they still were not satisfied with the diagram and requested more info. About a week after that, I received a contract in the mail from Guardsman (NOT BOBS) showing the terms of this $99 plan. They now inform me too bad, they don't cover wax.

WHAT??? They cover burns and tears but not wax? Shouldn't they have given me this info WHEN I BOUGHT THE PLAN, instead of waiting weeks afterward to send me this info? ESPECIALLY AFTER I HAD PUT IN THE CLAIM!!!

Of course I had no luck customer service at Guardsman, so I called Bobs. Apparently, this is not their company, so Bobs has no say in what Guardsman chooses to cover. WAIT. .

. didn't they sell me the plan? So, after no luck with customer service, I ask to speak directly to Bob. Of course, he does not take phone calls.

I swear I saw him on a commercial telling me not to buy Sealy or Serta because who would I call if there was a problem, the president of Sealy or Serta? Well, it looks like the president of Bobs is just as absent. The part of the sectional that was damaged was the armless loveseat, a $210 piece. I even offered to compromise, I could turn over the cushions that were damaged on the back of the piece, but not the seat cushions.

All I needed was new covers for the seat cushions. Well, they told me they could sell them to me for $100 for two of them. What a rip-off, the whole unit is only $210 and they want $100 for two seat covers? Give me a break.

You get what you pay for - apparently the protection plan is just as cheap as the furniture. I would like to set it on fire and see if they really do cover burns!!!!!

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Sorry folks, Bob's makes money on that "fake" Guardsman warranty, just like K-Mart/Sears makes money on theirs. If Bob's won't make it right, they should dump Guardsman and either refund anyone who was turned down for a claim or send the replacement covers, etc. If they won't, they do not deserve your business.


I just called Guardsman a couple of minutes ago and spoke to Julie. She said wax is covered!

I asked her to email or fax a copy of the complete Goof Proof coverage. She would not give it. She said it would be sent to me about a week after my furniture arrives. There is no way to get a copy of what is not covered.

We tried calling the Bobs store, Bobs customer service, Guardsman and emailed Mybobs through the website too. The coverage is kept a secret until about a week after your furniture arrives - by which time it's too late to cancel the protection.


No doubt guardsman, like every insurance company, is not the most upstanding and helpful. And I would never recommend anyone purchase that protection plan.

And you're right to be frustrated with that company. But, lets be fair here, it was your daughters fault that the piece was damaged in the first place.

And parts are not purchased from Bob's, so if you wanted seat casings, you are actually paying the vendor $100 for the two. Bob's cannot give you what it does not have, and it really was not Bob's responsibility anyway, as it guarantees pieces manufactuing defect free for specified periods, but does not guarantee customer accident free.


well I am very glad I came across this website, for all the negitive freed back I will be purchasing my items at another store, so thank you for your bad experience you have saved me from running into thing


Maybe you should have read the info on grds prior to purchasing the plan. Your daughter had an accident, you can not put the blame on bobs for your error...


In response to "bob" your an ***!

Falling isso careless? What a genius!


Actually that particular set that was purchased is made by the same company that is sold at cardis, jordans, and other stores. Its not their fault that she was careless.