Barrington, New Hampshire
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bought a power recliner & massage leather chair made in china $599.00 piece of junk . within 6 months remote control melted down and into a lump for no known reason.

store and so called warranty is worthless .never ever ever again!!*** for customer care hotline service .you suck bob! you swindle the public and you should be put out of business!goof proof protection plan is worthless as is customer service.found chair to be very uncomfortable for sitting in much more than an hour because footrest seems to be shorter than a normal footrest with some sort of a lump in it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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This is DISCOUNT furniture folks. Somehow Bob has convinced you that its good simply by showing his garbage in his commercials sitting next to a competitors piece and basically telling you that his is just as good at half the price.

IT ISN'T! At least when you shell out 2500 for a real Tempupedic, for example, you have 90 days to sleep on it and they will give u your money back if u dont like it. With the "Bob O Pedic" sure it only costs 1000 but you just wasted that 1000 when u find out it doesnt give u sleep. You get what u pay for people.

Cheapo places will NEVER stand behind their products.

You have all fallen for this fraudulent hebes sales gimmicks. He should be locked up.