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After only 1 year of owning this couch.. And it's a sectional and every section has done this.. I hope everyone sees this and thinks twice!

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All these photos of bonded leather items ruined. It's sad.

But, I bought a whole living room set on Target.com in bonded leather. Looked beautiful upon arrival. 18 months later, the sofa I sit on everyday is cracked and peeling. Also, the ledge under the storage top shows peeling but isn't visible when the ottoman top is in place.

The other pieces (chair, love seat) are in pristine condition as they are rarely used. Spent about $1100-1200 on the set. Had tons of delivery issues but was very happy once I had everything. But, the couch is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I've ever owned and is sagging, peeling, cracking.

That's bonded leather for you. I will never buy another bonded leather item.

It's not a Bob's issue, it's not a Target issue, it's a quality issue and no one is honest about it. Bonded leather items will all do this eventually.

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