Pine Bush, New York

Bought a couch and a table from them and received garbag! Table with a marble top which had a big crack that looked like they glued it back together.

The legs on the couch were broken and both arms were completely smashed in. Called and requested new. They brought us another table with a bunch of deep gouged Knicks in it. The second couch's arm was crushed in like the last one.

The third trip out to my house they had finally bought a couch that was not broken. However the table was chipped gouged and chairs were broke. Told them to check the furniture before they even attempted to bring it to us. We ask them to deliver after 3 and each time they showed up at our house at 12:30 in the afternoon and 1 o'clock in the afternoon calling us letting us know that they were sitting in our driveway waiting for us.

We finally called customer service and they told us that they were not going to bring us another table because they were out at our house three times. This is very bad business because they should have never brought broken furniture to begin with. We had purchased the goof proof protection plan which is a scam. We told them to come and get their *** but they had to come after 3 because we both work.

Again these idiots showed up at noon. We called customer service and told them that they now had to wait for us because we had to go out of the country due to a illness in the family. When we finally got back to the States we called customer service and requested them to come back out and get their ***, they told us that they that they were not going to reimburse us because it was 2 months that had gone by. We reminded them that we had told them we had to leave the country due to an illness and they said that was fine to call them when we got back.

This company is a scam and they are frauds. They take your money and in turn sell you absolute garbage. I don't know how they're still in business. So now my husband and I are stuck with absolute garbage.

Did I mention that we spent our entire wedding money on this furniture because we are just starting out and they knew this! How dare them.

Just as long as they get their money. Buyer beware do not go and purchase from Bob's furniture because you WILL get ripped off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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