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WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. I went into their Riverdale,Bronx location everyone was friendly and kinda.My mother purchased the gatsby dining set and I purchased a drawer and gel foam mattress I thought everything was a bit pricey but the mattress was so comfortable everything came to 2,400.00 they said you get delivery in 3 days we didn't get the delivery date until 5 days later.....

The day of the delivery I threw out my matress because the person who sold me the items said if the matress wasn't from Bobs they wouldn't throw it out I also got rid of our dining set the night before I was soo excited to receive the furniture the delivery was scheduled for 2-6pm I waited that whole time then I tracked the delivery and they changed the time to 6:45-7:30 pm it was getting me upset because I let the store know after 7 you can't move in furniture into my building so I sat and waited and waited finally I received a phone call it was the delivery guy yelling and cursing at me saying I didn't open the door But nor my door or intercome never rang So I tried to talk and he hung up on me then I tried to call the number back and he denied my phone calls and then called the store to speak to (Emelis) the person whom sold me the furniture but she was not in so I explained the situation to the person I spoke to she said I have nothing to do with deliverys and Im busy call back later thats when I got mad and demanded to speak to someone she then gave me the customer care number I explained to them what happened she told me well the delivery guy said he knocked and nobody open and sent us a picture of the front of your building and if I wanted to reschedule I would have to pay another delivery fee ( 300 plus a redelivery would of been 600) DISGUSTING I Demanded a refund and will never set a FOOT IN BOBS I was planning to buy my furniture from them because in June I'm moving into my first house but I Will Not...Also when I called the store the person I spoke to didn't want to give me my refund in her words "The manager is busy she is the only person that can give you your money back call back sometime later" after I yelled at her then the manager magically appeared.

They also made me purchase a 200 dollar bed cover that Im now stuck with and I won't get my refund until 3 to 5 business days I slept on my sofa last night and now I have to go find professional furniture store to purchase a bed but Im sure anything is better than Bobs furniture BTW I went to my super from my building last night And saw the video footage from last night (my building has cameras in the front of the building) and I saw the moment the delivery guy took the picture and didn't even get out of the TRUCK! SHAME ON YOU BOBS FURNITURE DO NOT SHOP AT BOB'S.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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