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I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with Bob's over several years, having purchased a living room set from Bob's a few years ago. Due to various issues, specifically including unacceptable product quality and customer service provided me by both Bob's and by Guardsman, I had been issued a reselection/ replacement after having to write letters directly to the Executive offices @ Bob's and after having filed a complaint with the State of CT Attorney General's Office.

"¢ The new replacement set delivered a little over a year ago has also not held up to acceptable quality standards (just as I had experienced with my previous living room set) and I am experiencing issues with poorly constructed cushion seams that have almost completely fallen apart and there is now fuzz coming out of small holes in the fabric in several spots.

"¢ A few months ago (around November 2011), I went to the store where I had purchased the pieces to report the manufacturer's issues and to request someone to come out to inspect it in hopes of getting the issues fixed and/or to get yet ANOTHER replacement and they referred me to Guardian. Everytime I had called Guardian, I had been placed on hold for over 40 minutes each time over several weeks and with the holidays and with a crazy work schedule, I had just covered the tops of the pieces with throw blankets until I could finally get a hold of someone @ Guardsman.

"¢ I recently had a death in the family and I had to go away overnight to attend the services. I had left my dogs in the care of a neighbor while I was away and my dogs had an isolated bout of separation anxiety and had urinated on all three of the pieces (sofa, loveseat, and chaise) and had begun to pull the fuzz out of the poorly constructed seams.

"¢ I contacted Guardian several times over several days and FINALLY got through to someone to initiate a claim and I was treated so very poorly by the customer service representative (who refused to give me her name – even after asking it from her at least three times!), not to mention being placed on hold for over 40 minutes just to be told that the Guardian Protection Plan does not cover items that are CLEARLY labeled as covered on the documentation that I was provided when I purchased the protection. The representative refused to even send out a technician to assess the situation and was nothing but curt and uncouth in her dealings with me.

According to the Goof Proof sheet, it clearly states "Bob's Hot-Line", which as a consumer, deceptively connotes that I would have been working with and speaking to a Bob's representative. Obviously, this was not the case. The representative informed me that the chart handout provided to me "means nothing" and that they have the sole option to cover or not cover any/all claims at their sole discretion. As such, I strongly feel that I have been DUPED into purchasing this protection plan… especially since nothing that Bob's is clearly and FALSELY advertising as being covered is in fact NOT according to the person that I spoke with.

Upon further research on Guardian and on Bob's, I have found NUMEROUS negative reviews regarding Guardian (who in my opinion is an extension of Bob's – especially since the one page handout sheet refers to their 1-800 # as being a "Bob's" number to call). I have to say that I was pleased with the experience I had with them when they were able to replace my last living room set, but now I have had another bad and even more pervasive experience this time around.

I again went to the Orange Store to attempt to seek assistance and I worked with Carey who was very pleasant and helpful and who had put me in touch with Nikki in their call center. She promised that someone from their "liaison" area was to call me by the end of the next day. To my utter dismay, I never received a call from anyone that day.

I have finally been working with a "Keisha" (who HAS in fact gone out of her way to help), but who has denied me any further assistance other than to offer a refund of the guardian protection purchase amount, and to have a tech from Bob's to come out to my house to "attempt" to fix the seams. What about the dog urine odor?! She stated that I should have someone come out and clean and deodorize the pieces before the tech come out. I was quoted by 3 different companies to pay about $350 just for the cleaning! Not to mention that there is no guarantee that the Bob's tech will even be able to "fix" the manufacturer's defects on the living room set pieces themselves!

I am so upset by all of this and by the interactions I have had regarding this issue over the past few weeks that I have just had it and I need to let as many people as possible know that Bob's and/or Guardian is unfairly and deceptively advertising protection to their customers just to never fix legitimate problems. I am also going to send letters to the Executive Offices and the State and the BBB like I had to do last time before I was finally made whole through a replacement (which they are refusing to do for me this time!).

My advice - don't purchase from Bob's unless you have a good lawyer who will work for FREE to be able to ensure that they are practicing good business and holding up to their standards of "the best quality and customer service" that they claim they offer. I have been a long-time customer of Bob's and have raved about them, especially after they helped me last time. This time, I will rave about nothing else than their poor product quality and even more poor customer service!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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DWTA -- hope that you've had some success with your furniture problems.

I worked customer service for another furniture store for 5 years and wanted to pass on a little something ... before having your sofa professionally cleaned (if that is the only option left to you) check to see if you can get the cushion filler (foam or whatever) replaced by either Bob's or Guardian.

Often, the warranty covers only the outside casing, not the interior. Usually, with pet urine problems, the whole cushion has been soaked by the time the consumer gets to it. The casing may get replaced and the smell seems to go away for a day or two, only to reappear once the odor has had time to work it's way through the new casing. No number of new or cleaned casings will make the smell go away.

Best of luck.

Bob Cares

Just wanted to let you know that I've received your email. Ill look into this situation right away and have someone in touch with you shortly. Thanks, Eric

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