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Well, to any one who happens to read this review, please take note of the name Sarah H. If you happen to ever come across a resume from Sarah H that worked in customer care at Bob's - some good advice: DO NOT HIRE HER!!!!!

And if you have the unfortunate opportunity (as I recently had) of doing business with Bob's - DONT. Run the other way - go to Ashely furniture or Basset or any other reputable dealer.

My mistake of doing business with Bob's has cost me and my wife two full vacation days of waiting on deliveries that never happen as they are suppose too. Moreover, the damaged furniture you will likely receive will probably leave damage to your home as well due to the "ALL day, professional delivery service" they provide.

Then once you fully acquainted with lack of professionalism you can fully expect to be taken to a whole new level of displeasure once you get to speak with your lovely customer care rep (mostly she will be Sarah H, a recent drop out of the hamburger flipping college at the jersey shore).

In short, you can pretty much count on a few things in dealing with Bob's.

1. Great sales guys and experience until they get your money.

2. No follow up from Customer service as promised

3. Partial delivery of products ("hi sir, we have your new dining table - but no chairs. Can you take another day off work so that we can deliver you two of the six chairs you ordered next week")

4. If you are lucky, the delivery guy will not show up at all. If he does, you can count on scratched floors, banged up doors, and damaged furniture.

5. WARNING- after the above hassle, it is likely that you will not want to return anything - they know this. They actually count on it. makes their job more simple.

6. Should you pursue to complain, you will get to talk to the above mentioned Sarah H (real name - according to her). this conversation will be like discussing the problem with an automated teleprompter with attitude. RESULT? you will likely hangup in frustration with not resolution and result to online forums like this one!!

7. you will finally realize your mistake - not listening to the wisdom in this post!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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Same happened here to us on Long Island. What a joke I did get my money back after three deliveries of broken, scratched and magic marker (yes marker) scribbled on furniture to hide scratches.

Black marker a sharpie to be clear, on mahogany furniture. That was nothing The mattress was STAINED SCREAM how gross. None the less the *** is gone and I tell everyone that I know never to even walk into the store.

They should be SHUT DOWN for fraud..... Good luck to anyone that buys a thing in that hellish place




I happy I checked here first before buying for my new home as a first time home buyer looking to furnish a four bedroom. Really glad and thanks to you all now I am aware.

I was checking out pieces for rooms at Raymour and Flanigan I guess I should stick with my first pick. Sad to hear about the issues everyone's experienced.

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