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Beware of BOBS Discount Furniture Warranty Scam! They sucker you into giving them more money for it then when you actually have to make a claim,...

forget it!!... you are on your own! They got me for extra $100 for an additional warranty for my dining table I had a water stain that I could not got out for the life of me..... then I decided to call Bobs warranty department because of their GOOF PROOF Protection thats a F*#cking joke!!

and they would not honor the warranty that they sold had me!! The warranty department told me that if I had put a hot pan or dish on the table and if it burned into the tables surface or had it been a spilled ink stain or wine stain or some sort or deep scratch they would cover it but for a simple Dried in water stain Im not covered! Im thinking had it been a burned stain or other of what they had mentioned that was covered for I would of probably got the same reply not to mention the run around with all the different Reps I had to deal with as well as the long response time for customer service. So please Beware of this scam!

Bobs Furniture is a low grade quality furniture and you get what pay for...

Im writing this review comment because when I went on line for Bobs Reviews from previous customers they had the same thing to say but,.. I gave BOB the benefit of the doubt until I had to deal with the very same issue and dont believe the BS about the old warranty Company being replaced by the new current one thats just a play of words it is still the same warranty company just a different name.SO BUYER BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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I can only speak for my family, but I can say that our experiene has been totaly the opposite of the previous two comments. We have done a lot of business with Bob's and will continue to do so in the future.

When we had any warenty issues Bob's was more than eager to get the problem resolved.

I realize that Bob's products are not as high a quality as Thomasville and other top of the line brands but then I can't afford to pay that kind of money for furnature.


Bobs furniture is complete *** and im glad to say they were forced to replace the junk we originally purchased , only because thier "repair men" are ignorant and incompetent... Warrenty is indeed a scam and we will NEVER give them business again

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